Ease frustration and provide structure
for your kids with FREE Daily
Routine + chore Cards! 

Free, printable cards to create your own daily routine + chore charts


Why use daily routine
and chore cards?

✓ Have a child with anxiety and/or ADHD? Using a visual daily routine will help them to know what is coming up next, making transitions easier and causes them less worry because they already know what to expect.

✓ Keep your priorities in line. Make sure that what is most important to your family is made a priority in your daily routine. Seeing a visual representation of your schedule makes it even easier.

✓ Get your kids excited about the day! Do your kids dread certain activities or places you have to go? Make the day more exciting for them by letting them help you put together the visual routine chart.

✓ Get your kids involved in chores from an early age! A visual chore chart, full of pictures, means that even your littlest ones can help with chores!

✓ Your kids will keep you accountable. When your kids can clearly see the plan for the day, they will make sure it happens the way it’s supposed to. No excuses for not getting things done or having fun with the kids!

With this freebie, you will get…

✓ Daily Routine Cards: 48 daily routines cards (12 pages, 4 cards on each 8.5”x11” page). Includes activities such as meals, school, crafts, iPad time, sports practice, and more! Also includes 3 blank cards.

✓ Daily Chore Cards: 12 daily chore cards (3 pages, 4 cards on each 8.5”x11” page). Includes chores like clean the table, pick up the living room, help with the dishes, and more! Also includes 2 blank cards.

✓ Time Cards: 35 cards with times on them (5 pages, 7 cards on each 8.5”x11” page). Time cards are from 7:00am to 10:00pm in half hour increments. There are 4 blank cards to write or type in an other times needed.

✓ Title Cards: 9 titles cards (on two 8.5”x11” pages). Includes each day of the week as well as “morning chores” and “afternoon chores” titles.