What do you do when you hear the words, “It’s time to go to the grocery store?”
If you immediately heave a heavy sigh and start to feel exhausted, you’re not alone.

Maybe you find taking your kids to the store with you to be an impossible task…

Maybe you are so overwhelmed by the thousands of options that it almost paralyzes you…

Maybe you just don’t like how much time grocery shopping takes out of your day…

Whatever your reason is for not enjoying grocery shopping, you’re not alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a grocery shopping system in place that helped you actually enjoy...or at least not hate...grocery shopping?

You need a system to help you feel more prepared, that provides you with tools for managing your kids at the store,
and a system that helps you see why you can enjoy grocery shopping.


The Grocery Shopping System e-book will help you develop a personalized system so you can get your grocery shopping done without feeling exhausted and frustrated before you even get to the store.

A grocery shopping system is simply a set method for how you do your grocery shopping and in The Grocery Shopping System e-book, you will learn how to create a system that is tailored just to your needs and desires.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” system for getting your grocery shopping done, The Grocery Shopping System will walk you through how to create a system that works for you and your family.

In this easy-to-read and actionable e-book, you will…

✔ learn about the five components of a grocery shopping system
✔ be encouraged to check your heart and figure out why you’re not a fan of grocery shopping
✔ receive a step-by-step guide for preparing for your grocery shopping trip
✔ learn how to menu plan so you can have a prepared grocery list
✔ become confident and ready to handle your kids in the grocery store
✔ get tips for sticking to your grocery budget

Each section of the e-book ends with a list of ACTION STEPS so you can see exactly what you need to do to create your grocery shopping system.

Stop hating this necessary chore and learn how you can love it with The Grocery Shopping System e-book.

The Grocery Shopping System is $2.99 and available to download on your Kindle or Kindle app

Don’t have a Kindle tablet? No problem! You can download the FREE Kindle app to your smartphone or tablet to read thousands of e-books, including The Grocery Shopping System.


You don’t have to love grocery shopping for The Grocery Shopping System to help you out.

All mamas and homemakers, even those of you who hate grocery shopping, will benefit from developing a grocery shopping system. If you are not a fan of grocery shopping, it’s a necessary chore so why not learn how to love it by developing a system that sets you up for success?


The Grocery Shopping System e-book will help you develop a kick-butt grocery system that will help you enjoy grocery shopping.

Learn the five components to a successful grocery
shopping system and will be ready to…

✔ drop your previous opinions on grocery shopping so you can start fresh
✔ menu plan like a pro
✔ handle your kids like a super nanny in the grocery store
✔ keep your grocery shopping
✔ rock the grocery store!


Abby is passionate about connecting fellow mamas and homemakers, binge watch shows on Netflix, and developing homemaking systems. One of her favorite hobbies is grocery shopping and she loves helping other women discover the joys of grocery shopping.


Where can I purchase the e-book? The Grocery Shopping System is available for download on Amazon.com.

What if I don’t own a Kindle device? That’s okay! You can still download the e-book onto the FREE Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet.

Is this a physical book or a digital download? This is a digital book only!

How much does The Grocery Shopping System cost? The e-book costs $2.99.

What is a “grocery shopping system?” A grocery shopping system is a set way for getting your grocery shopping done. A successful grocery shopping system is made up of five components, all of which are discussed in The Grocery Shopping System.