Choosing a Word for the Year

Get #intentional by choosing a #word for the year to build your #goals around. A must-do for all #mamas. Includes a #quiz to help you find a word AND a list of more than 100 word ideas.

*post updated on 12/26/18

A few years in a row I have chosen a word for the year; a word to inspire me and to use as a starting place for creating my goals for the year. I have chosen words like “intentional,” “priorities,” “flourish,” and “cultivate” but I’ve had the best results from choosing a word for the year when I’ve really dug into the word and how it can guide me through the coming year. I encourage all mamas to choose a word for their year, to give them something to work towards and to inspire them through the year.

Choosing a word for the year isn’t hard but it also should be taken seriously. If you really want to be intentional in the upcoming year, start by setting aside time to seriously plan out your goals for the year

How to Choose a Word for Your Year

1. Think About What Events Are Coming Up

If you know you have something big happening next year, it can give you a starting pointing for your goals and word of the year. For me, the big thing happening next year is baby #3 coming. I knew we’d be in survival mode for awhile and I wanted to find a way to thrive rather than solely survive, which is why I chose the word flourish.

2. Think About What Areas You Want to improve

Think about some of the main areas of your life, your marriage, motherhood, your career, homemaking, relationships, etc. What areas do you want to improve? Maybe you want to start a home-based business to help bring in some money or maybe you want to improve your relationship with a family member, whatever area(s) you want to improve, find words that encourage you to do just that.

3. Think About Your Family’s Goals for the Year

Sit down with your husband and make a list of goals for your family. Maybe you want to take a family vacation, find a place to volunteer together, or get to know your neighbors better. Be sure to find a word that will help your family meet goals.

After completing those three steps, look for any common words or themes.
    For example: service, joy, friendship
Then, highlight or write down any of those common words or themes. Head to and look up the exact definitions and the synonyms for your favorite words on your list. Once you find a word that resonates with you, you’ve found your word for the year!

Once you’ve chosen your word for the year, come up with some goals for different areas of your life that will help you live out your word. The areas I focused on for my goals are relationships, faith, marriage, homemaking, personal development, motherhood, business, and health. You may have more or less areas, you just do you.

And if you need some more word ideas, I made a list of over 100 (it’s really closer to 200) words that you could use for your word of the year. It’s available in the resource library under the “intentional living” section.  

Struggling to narrow down your word for the year?

If you are still struggling to find a word for the year, I’ve create a quick, interactive quiz to help you narrow down your word for the year. When you get your results you will be able to download a free workbook to help you map out your word for the year. Create goals for different areas of your life and action steps to make them happen, all within the free workbook. Click here to take this quick quiz.