Maternity Style Staples | Winter Edition

I am now 13.5 weeks pregnant and I have been in maternity clothes since 5 weeks. With William I was able to wear mostly regular clothes until 20 weeks, things are a little different with this baby. Not only am I much bigger already, I have also been much sicker. Like I'm still dealing with nausea. But I'm doing my best to keep functioning and get things done. I've been wearing basically the same things when I go out of the house and when I'm at home I'm wearing my favorite Target sweatpants that I've owned for like four years. These are the same types of clothes I wore over the winter that I was pregnant with William, I found what works for me and what I find most comfortable. What are your winter maternity style staples?

01. Loose Wrap Cardigan


Personal Style Profile Cardigan from Modcloth

I love cardigans, I wear them year round but this winter I've loved loose ones like the cardigan shown above. There's just something so cozy about them and they still look put together.

02. Comfy Basic Tee


Pure Body short-sleeved v-neck tee from Gap

I also love the

maternity tee's that you can find at Target

, I actually just bought two more the other day. I live in t-shirts like this. The side ruching makes it fit comfortably over your bump and it doesn't ride up like if you try to wear non-maternity shirts. And they are just so soft.

03. Statement Necklace


Faux Gemstone Statement Necklace from Forever21

I like to keep things easy for myself right now. Plus I'm usually too tired to think straight. My daily uniform is a comfy tee, statement necklace, and

jeggings from Target

. Have a statement necklace or two to throw on with even the most casual outfits makes you, at least,


 put together.

04. Basic Flats


Mix  No. 6 Vantage Flat from DSW

This is actually an all-the-time style staple for me. Me and my black flats go everywhere together. They're especially nice when you're pregnant because they usually have a little stretch to them for your swollen feet, just be sure to pick a pair that has some nice padding for your sore feet.

05. Maternity Tank Top


MAMA Jersey Tank Top from H&M

I also love the selection of maternity camis H&M has to offer. The difference between "normal" tank tops and maternity is that maternity ones are much longer, to cover your growing bump. If I have a longer shirt on or a dress, I still wear regular tanks and camis, but if I'm just wearing a t-shirt I always wear a maternity tank top for that extra length.

06. Skinny Jeans


MAMA Shaping Skinny Jeans from H&M

I'm just 5'2" tall so anything other than skinny straight and skinny cut jeans just makes my legs look shorter, that's even more true when my upper half is extra large (ha). I know a few people who prefer the belly band attached to their jeans to be only a few inches high but I much prefer the belly band to go all the way over my belly. I carry my babies fairly low, even from the beginning, so the shorter belly bands just put pressure on my swollen, growing belly and not to mention my bladder. I also just like the extra protection over baby, it's probably a psychological thing but I just like to keep my belly nice and cozy.

Who else is pregnant right now? What are your maternity style staples for the colder months? Share a photo of your maternity style on Instagram and use #littlecitystyle so I can see (you can also tag me