Why Stay-at-Home Moms Need Hobbies

Stay-at-home moms after have this stigma, which we often put on ourselves, that if we are not 100% focused on our family 100% of the time then we are terrible stay-at-home moms. But that is so not that case! It’s important for a stay-at-home mom to spend time doing something that she loves so that she can refill and restore her own soul and be better equipped to pour into the lives of her family. Having hobbies as a SAHM is not selfish! 

I’ll say it again. 

Hands down, my favorite hobby is blogging, I spend hours each day working on my blog, mostly because I’m also building it into a business. But even once it’s a business, it will remain my favorite hobby. When I’m overwhelmed or anxious, I work on my blog to help calm me down. Blogging helps me stay connect with other mamas, locally and around the world! 

If I didn’t take time to focus on my hobby, I be stressed and all over the place and probably feeling pretty lonely. It’s also important that I take time to do something that I enjoy because I need to refill myself in order to be able to pour into the lives of others. 

I recently surveyed a bunch of stay-at-home moms (some who were new to the role and some who have been in it for years and years) and the top two things they struggle with the most as SAHMs are 1) taking time for self-care and 2) feeling lonely because of a lack of community. 

Having a hobby (or two) will help solve both of those issues! 

I’m serious!

Through blogging I not only take time to do something that I enjoy, but I’ve also met so many amazing mamas from around the world. I met my friend Britt who is from California but currently on the East Coast who I got to meet up with a little over a year ago, I met Danica who is in California but we text almost every day and we are bff’s, and then there’s my new friend Becca who I have weekly Skype chats with each week and she’s all the way in England! I also communicate with other bloggers and creatives regularly in Facebook groups. Even though they are not all local, I can’t feel lonely when I know I have those friends on my side!

Even if you have a different hobby from me, maybe your crochet or maybe you are really into building ships in bottles, you can use your hobby to meet new friends! I highly recommend that you search for Facebook groups on your hobby, there are groups for literally everything, they are kind of the new “thing.” You can also search through MeetUp for gatherings and workshops on topics you enjoy, in your local area. 

P.S. I have an awesome Facebook group for mamas + homemakers called The Joyful Homemakers. We're lots of fun and you may just meet someone with the same hobby as you! Join us!

Build yourself a community of people who like the same things as you and you’ll be encouraged to spend more time in your hobby and thus, spend time focusing on yourself so that you can pour into the lives of others and you won’t feel lonely, even when you are stuck at home all day with only little ones who can barely communicate. 

My challenge to you today, is to join a Facebook group or find a local meetup or workshop based around your hobby. Take some time to enjoy your hobby and to find others with the same interest so you can build a community around yourself.

Once you complete your challenge, comment below and tell me what group or meetup you found and tell me what your hobby is and why you love it so much!