Why All Moms Need a Therapist

We go through nine months of constant sickness. We give birth to tiny screaming humans. We stay up basically all night feeding and soothing said tiny screaming human. We get spit up on. Peed on. Pooped on. We deal with postpartum depression. We manage the household. We sweep the floors nine times a day. We tackle mountains of laundry. We kiss booboos. We give baths. We kiss foreheads. We wipe tears. We teach letters and numbers. We share the Bible. 

I could go on. 

The job title of “mom” includes more tasks than one can count. The world adds ridiculous standards onto the jobs we already have; we need to have “Instagram-worthy” homes, we need to be perfect Martha Stewarts, we have to be impeccabile chefs, and we have to take perfect photos of our life to share on social media and include novel-like captions to go along with them. 

That’s a lot! Sometimes all of that can cause you to feel overwhelmed and anxious and stressed and that is totally normal and totally okay! Really, it’s okay! You most likely have great ways to cope or a support system that reminds you to just chill out and not worry about unrealistic expectations. But every once in awhile, maybe when you’re going through something extra stressful in life or if you are dealing with some postpartum depression, those pressures catch up with you and there’s one thing I recommend you do during those times…

See a therapist.

Seriously! I’ve seen therapists and psychologists and psychiatrists off and on for much of my life and they’ve helped me through seriously hard times. Having a third-party to bounce things off of is extremely helpful and a professional can teach you coping techniques and ways to fight off the negative thoughts in your head. 

I started seeing a therapist again a few months ago, to help me get through the postpartum depression fog, and she has just been marvelous. I go in feeling anxious and come out much more relaxed, I’ve dumped everything out that was in my brain and she’s helped me to find techniques I can use to counteract or completely stop those negative thoughts and actions. Just after a few sessions with her I was able to see through that PPD fog, for the first time! I so look forward to our sessions and love having someone outside of my circle to talk through things with. 

I am obviously not embarrassed about the fact that I see a therapist, and you shouldn’t either! [click to tweet!People seem to think that seeing a therapist means you’re weak or a crazy person, when neither of those things are true! I think you’re strong for admitting you need help and you are wise for getting that help before things start to really go downhill. Really, all moms need a therapist, whether or not you have a strong support system around you. Like I said, having that objective, third-party who is trained on how to handle stressors, is invaluable. 

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help when you’re going through major life changes, a professional can really help you cope with all of the changes. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed because all moms need a therapist. [click to tweet!]