Welcome to Joyful Homemaker's Club

Are you slightly confused? Wondering if a link is messed up? Worry no longer, you are in the right place!

No longer is this space Little City Adventures, it is now Joyful Homemaker’s Club! Same content, same awesomeness, just a new name to better describe the direction of the blog.

For a long time, I’ve felt like something was holding my blog back and I kind of knew it was my blog name but I didn’t want to admit it...I love the name Little City Adventures and it will always be special to me but it no longer describes my blog. When I started it, we were newlyweds living in the little city of Lancaster and I blogged about general lifestyle stuff like our adventures around our little city. Fast forward about four years and my blog ended up taking a more defined direction, now instead of blogging about our life and adventures, I created content specifically for young Christian stay-at-home moms. I started developing content that was more helpful and informative, rather than just sharing pictures from brunch. Little City Adventures no longer described my blog and I knew it, I was just in denial.

Inspired by my friend Becca’s blog launch, I decided it was time to start the process of changing my blog name. After a few different name ideas, I settled on Joyful Homemaker’s Club.

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I’m all about joyful, faith-based, intentional living, that’s where the “joyful” part of the name comes in. The “homemaker’s” part comes into play because I blog to homemakers which is fairly broad because according to the Bible all women are made to be homemakers (Titus 2:3-5 NKJV) but you get the idea. And I added “club” into the title because I wanted it to feel sort of exclusive, to give you that sense of tight-knit community. So there you have it, Joyful Homemaker’s Club.

All of the old links still work, Squarespace makes switching names so easy and they automatically forward the old url to the new, so don’t worry, all of the posts you’ve saved to Pinterest will still work!

And the super cool Facebook group is also still around but it got a name change as well! No longer is my Facebook group called ‘Healthy, Happy Homes,’ it is now called ‘The Joyful Homemakers.’ How fun is that?! Hop over and join me and the other joyful homemakers!

One of the other things that is different is the resource library. Now, instead of typing in your email and getting access to individual freebies, you just have to share your email with me once and then you have access to the resource library, where you can find everything you need to be an awesome-sauce homemaker. And I’ve added some super fun phone and computer wallpapers and lock screens, as well as Facebook cover photos, all of which you can find in the resource library, just scroll to the bottom of the page to grab them!


I am so excited for the direction the new name will take the blog, it’s going to be so great!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!