Warm & CozTea Exchange 2017

It's no secret that I am a big fan of tea, I always have been (check out this post on tea from two years ago 😁), I would probably credit one of my elementary school besties, Avery, for really getting me into tea. We all always thought that she had the most "exotic" lunches, she had things like pomegranates and chocolate covered coffee beans and she and the rest of my friends loved drinking tea. My love for tea continued when I worked at a cafe in downtown Lancaster during my senior year of high school until just after we got married. Now I know how to make all kinds of fancy tea drinks and espresso and all those little details about how to properly steep tea and how to be all snobby about my tea and coffee 😉. 

Now I get to use my love for tea to meet some awesome new friends! My blog buddy Kayla (she's in my Facebook group Healthy, Happy Homes) hosts an annual tea exchange and this year she asked me to be one of the co-hosts! 

This is no ordinary tea exchange, my friend. After you sign up, you'll be paired up with another participant and you'll both receive a list of each other's favorite types of teas, hobbies, favorite things, etc. Then you put together a fun little gift box (worth a total of $15-$25) full of your partner's favorite tea/coffee/or cocoa and a few other little gifties and send it off to them. And then the best part is...you get one in return from your partner! I love putting together cute gifts for people just as much as I love receiving them, so this is the best of both worlds! 

Once you mail your gifty gift, you'll be entered in an awesome giveaway! I've donated access to my Women of the Bible course and a copy of my workbook, The Ultimate Intention Statement Making Workbook into the giveaway. So sign up, mail your gift, and enter the giveaway!

You can check out all of the details and enter on Kayla's blog. Who knows...maybe you and I will get partnered up! And I plan on putting together a pretty adorable little gift box!

The deadline to sign up to participate is January 9th, so don't delay! And the deadline to send your gift off is January 20th. Head over here to enter and get the details.