Updated Tea Collection + Storage

Do you have an expansive tea collection? At a loss for how to store it? Check it this post for inspiration >>>

So if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably know by now that I love tea. Specifically loose leaf teas. I've finally found the best organization system for me and I think it looks kind of pretty as well. Last summer we installed this cheap little shelf from Ikea in the alcove under the peninsula part of our counter to hold teas and coffees but as of late Seth has not been drinking as much coffee as usual so I may or may not have taken over the entire shelf. From left to right the shelf contains: a random white vase which holds extra tea that did not fit in my jars, a medium mason jar holding loose leaf tea bags, agave nectar (thank you Marshall's for that deal), some bagged teas that I pull out when guests are over, 1 oz mason jars for loose leaf teas, and finally hand towels and rags. 

When I buy loose leaf teas I almost always buy 1oz at a time because 1) I'm the only one in the house that drinks tea so 1oz lasts me quite a while, 2) I have so many teas that I like to rotate them, and 3) most of the time 1 oz of tea fits perfectly in my cute little jars. Where do I buy my teas? My new favorite place to buy teas is...

The Herb Shop at Central Market, not only do they have a multitude of loose leaf teas they also have every type of spice that you can imagine. That's really the only "walk-up" store that I buy teas from, well occasionally I find some at cafes, but I also love

David's Tea which we found while on our honeymoon in Boston. This is a Canada-based company that specializes in loose leaf teas but we were lucky enough to find one of their few US shops while in Boston. Since Boston is hours and hours away, I plan on buying my teas online from them once I run out of a few.

I've pulled the jars off the shelf to give ya'll a better look at my collection. As I said earlier all of my loose leaf teas are in 1oz mason jars and on the lids I've placed plain round labels that I found at Target. They are white labels but that looked too harsh to me so I took a pink colored pencil and just shaded in the entire label for just a hint of color. I know, fancy. Each jar is labeled with the name of the tea and the type and a few have steeping times if they were different than the usual times. The only jar that is not 1oz holds my chamomile tea because those leaves/blossoms are larger than most tea leaves and also much lighter than some and thus you get a greater volume when you buy just 1 oz.

This Blueberry Herbal tea is from The Herb Shop and is currently my go-to tea. With a few drops of agave and a splash of soy milk, it's like a blueberry muffin in a mug. I'm not even exaggerating. Seth hates tea but I made him take a sip and he even agreed with me. It's legit.

I got this beautiful Bonita Peach Rooibos tea at an herb shop in Colonial Williamsburg last spring when we went away for the weekend with friends of ours for their babymoon and a pre-honeymoon/break from wedding planning for us. I think this will make an amazing iced tea this summer!

Loose leaf chamomile may be the prettiest loose leaf tea out there with all of the dried blossoms and general prettiness. 

What's your favorite tea? Favorite online tea shop? Do you take it straight or add a little cream or sugar? Comment below and be a tea geek with me!