6 Ways Trello Can Help Organize Your Mom Life

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Raise your hand if your child has spilled chocolate milk or another sticky liquid on your favorite notebook or planner. 🙋🏼Yeah...me too. I have an obsession with notebooks and school supplies and I’m a tad OCD so when a paper even gets wrinkled a tiny bit in the corner, I have to tear it out of my notebook and start the page over. With my messy boys that was happening often so I decided to move to a digital platform for organizing my mom life so that my boys can’t spill drinks on my perfectly organized lists and tasks. 

I tried out pretty much every project management or organization software out there and by far my favorite is Trello. It’s the most versatile platform I tried out and it’s so easy to customize and it looks nice, as well. 

I love Trello so much that I created an online mini-course helping fellow mamas and homemakers create a digital homemaking binder within Trello. The course comes with 10 premade Trello boards for you to copy into your own account and video trainings on how to use Trello and how to use each of the boards. It's available now for $19 and if you purchase before Monday, September 3rd at 5pm EST, you will also receive a workbook to help you craft a family mission statement! Learn more, here!

As I said, Trello is insanely versatile, so much so that I am able to use it for different things I’m involved in. I use it for my blog and brand, our home, we use it at church, and I use it to organize all things essential oils. While Trello was created as a project management software for business teams, I’ve found some awesome ways to use it in my mom life. 

Ways to Use Trello in Your Mom Life

1. Organize Your To Do List

My most used board is my Tasks List board. I put ALL of my tasks in one spot and Trello helps me keep it all organized...because it’s a lot! I broke up the different types of tasks into different lists (business, daily, general, projects, urgent, in progress, completed, and future tasks) and I use repeating cards for reoccuring tasks and events. I also added my husband to the board and his account is link to the daily house tasks so if I need help around the house, he knows what needs done and what has already been completed. Yes, my Trello course does come with an epic to do list board.

2. Menu Plan + Keep Track of Recipes

I love having a digital menu plan that I can pull up on any of my devices so I always know what to make when and I can link directly to recipes to pull up when I’m cooking. I’ve also found a way to store recipes in a Trello board, sort of like a digital recipe box. The key to organizing recipes in a Trello board is using labels. Yes, my Trello course also comes with a menu planning board and a recipe box board.

3. Plan Birthday Parties

This past year I planned both of my boys birthday parties in a Trello board and it was so helpful. I could pull up the shopping lists, tasks lists, decor inspiration, and directions for party crafts on any device and I could add my husband to the board so he could help with the party planning, as well. Trello even has a card Power-Up to countdown to your party right in a card. 

4. Plan Home Projects

Plan out projects and inspiration for your home in Trello! Create lists for the different areas of your home and within the lists place links and photos of decor inspiration, create to do lists, and so much more! This is another good board to share with your husband so that you are always on the same page.

5. Organize Bible Studies

I personally still use a Happy Planner for the bulk of my Bible studies, I just prefer handwriting them because it helps me remeber things better. But I do have a board titled “Bible Verse References.” It’s all of my favorite verses, or verses I come across, that I want to remember or use in the future. Each verse gets its own card and is categorized by subject, each list represents a different topic and then I use labels to mark it with even more topics (for example, a verse may be on a list titled “Love” and the cards on that list each has a verse related to love on it but can also be broken up into other topics, that’s where labels come in. The card with a verse on it about love can then be labeled as “marriage” or “friendship” or whatever else it may be. This board will help you quickly find verses to share or to encourage yourself throughout your day.

6. Keep a List of Things to Do/Places to Go

I don’t know about you but I am constantly remembering a cool place to go or something fun to do, only to forget it five seconds later 🤦🏼‍♀️ #mombrain. So I created a board where I can keep a list of day trip ideas, places to visit with the kids around town, free things to do outside of the house, and our summer bucket list. Thanks to the Trello app, I have these lists with me wherever we are so I can always add to them or check them out for things to do. 

Trello does sooooooo much more than just these six items but it’s a good place to start. 🤗 If you’re interested in learning more about Trello but don’t know where to start, you will love my mini-course Trello for the Rockstar Homemaker. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Do you already use Trello? How do you use it for your home and mom life? Or do you have another method for digital organization?