The Ultimate List of Resources for Homemakers

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I may blog about homemaking and all of that good stuff, but I am still completely addicted to researching the topic and trying out all kinds of resources for homemakers. You could be like me and spend hours on Pinterest and Google looking at homemaking resources or you could be efficient and check out the list that I’ve put together for you! 

I put my hours and hours of work to good use by putting together an amazing list of resources just for you! This is a pretty long blog post but every single inch of it is packed full of goodness. If there is a product or method that I haven’t personally tried, on this list, it comes highly recommended from a fellow homemaker whom I respect and trust completely. So when I say that every inch is packed with goodness, I mean it.

I’ve broken up the list into 10 categories so you can easily find just what you’re looking for: Abby’s Favorite Tools + Things, General Homemaking, Routines + Time Management, Cleaning + Organizing, In the Kitchen, Healthy Living, Encouragement, Books, Blogs, and Podcasts. My own blog posts and products are scattered throughout the list but the majority of the list is made up of content from other amazing bloggers and business owners.  

Resources for Homemakers

☞ Abby’s Favorite Tools + Things

Trello: I have my entire life organized in Trello. It’s that amazing. I use it basically as a digital binder and I use their team function to label each category (personal, blog, & essential oils) and then have a ton of different boards to keep everything I need, perfectly organized and easily accessible. If you want to learn more about Trello, you can grab my mini-course, Trello for the Rockstar Homemaker, where I walk you through how to set up a digital homemaking binder. Use the code "blogbuddy" to get HALF OFF the course! Promo code is good until April 1st, 2017!

LuLaRoe: Yeahhh I jumped on the LulaRoe boats and I'm not getting off. If you spend a large amount of time at home, LuLaRoe is just what you need. The leggings really are buttery soft and insanely comfortable but even more than their leggings, I love LulaRoe shirts and dresses! My favorite pieces (so far) are the Perfect T and the Carly dress. If you're unfamiliar with LLR, it is a clothing company that sells through independent consultants (who sell in Facebook groups or live LLR pop ups) and the clothing will meet you where you're at. Just about everything is stretchy and comfy and the pieces are so versatile that they will fit you through every season of life. The two LLR Facebook groups I'm in are run by two friends of mine: LuLaRoe Megan Fulmer and LuLaRoe Johnelle and Lindsay.

‣ Facebook Groups: Getting together with friends face-to-face is best but on those days when you are home all day, having some online interaction and support is key. I have an awesome group for homemakers called The Joyful Homemakers and I'd love for you to join us! My friend Becca also a great group for homemakers, Homemakers in Action.

☞ General Homemaking

‣ Finding Joy In Your Home E-Course: This free e-course from Homemaking Ministries is fantastic, I've taken it myself, and will help you sprinkle some joy into your own home.

‣ The Best Homemaking Advice Ever Received: You'll love the advice that Kayse from Intentional Moms shares in this blog post. It's something all homemakers need to think about!

‣ 12 Ways to Be an Intentional Homemaker: In this blog post I share twelve ways we can be intentional in our homemaking duties.

‣ Setting Your Home Atmosphere: One of the most important jobs we have as homemakers is to create a home that our family desires to spend time in and bring friends to. Women Living Well Ministries has a great post on making your home a haven and the lovely Jami Balmet has a great post on setting the atmosphere in your home for God's glory.

‣ Hope for the Hopeless Homemaker: If you struggle to maintain a good handle on your home then this e-course from Embracing a Simpler Life is perfect for you!

☞ Routines + Time Management

Establishing Intentional Anchors: I am all about intentional living so I love this post from Intentional Moms. Kayse defines Intentional Anchors for you: "Intentional Anchors are routines, events, and traditions that anchor your day or week. They are intentional, meaningful routines that bring connection and rest to you and/or your whole family. They provide a fun, filling break in the middle of a busy day or week, and give everyone something they can count on and look forward to." Yeah, that sounds like something epic that all homemakers need to add into their life.

‣ Make Over Your Mornings: This 14-day course from Crystal Paine will help you create a routine for your mornings that will help you be less overwhelmed and tired. Crystal says, "This 14-day course is designed to help you revolutionize your productivity, streamline your routines, invest your time in things that truly matter, and find more joy and peace in the process." 

Time Management Tool Kit: My dear, dear, lovely, sweet friend Becca created this epic freebie for homemakers! This free resource includes: a video training guide on goal setting, a 10-page goal setting workbook, an 11-page morning/evening routines workbook, a printable habit tracker, a time management apps checklist, cheat sheets for self-care, cleaning, and prayer hacks, and three printable motivational posters. And did I mention that you get all of that for a whopping $0.00? I promise you'll love it. 

Creating a Daily Routine: Creating a routine is absolutely vital to staying sane as a homemaker and I found some amazing blog posts for you to peruse to help you create your own routine: Why You Need a Daily Routine from You Are More, How to Create a Daily Routine from Phylicia Delta, Routines of the Day from Thankful Homemaker, and Intentional Moms has a great tip for what to do once you have your daily routine in place.

A Homemaker's Daily To Do List: A little while back I made this great checklist for homemakers of basically household chores to complete each day. Add these into your daily routine to help you keep a tidy home.

Things To Do At Night to Make Your Day Easier: Make your days smoother by doing a little bit of prep in the evenings. 

Prioritizing & Staying Productive: Jess Lively shared this as a guest post here on my blog and it's amazing!

☞ Cleaning + Organizing

7-Day Clean House Challenge: Grab my free email course to help you clean your entire house from top to bottom in just seven days. I break up the tasks so you're not overwhelmed and at the end of the email course I'll help you make your own cleaning routine so you can keep your house looking shiny. 

Better Life Cleaning Products: I saw these guys on Shark Tank and was immediately intrigued because they actually sprayed the cleaner in their mouths! That's how non-toxic it is! As soon as my Target had it in stock I tried it out and loved it! Some of my favorite Better Life products are featured below [click the image to learn more and purchase on Amazon using my affiliate link].


‣ When You're Overwhelmed by Housework: This blog post has some seriously great reminders to help you be less overwhelmed so you can conquer that housework!

The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist: I put together an amazing FREE checklist for you to help you organize your cleaning tasks into a manageable routine.

Create a Natural Cleaning Kit for Less Than $20: Um, yes please! The Fabuless Wife walks you through everything you need to  create an amazing, non-toxic cleaning kit for your home. This is something every homemaker needs to read!

Create an Amazing Cleaning Routine: This post from The Fabuless Wife covers everything you need to create a cleaning routine that works for you! She really does think of everything! You'll take your personality into account, think about what is realistic for you to do, choose a way to organize your tasks, and more. You really will have the perfect cleaning routine after following her steps.

Elevate Your Clean Routine: Kendra Hennessy is amazing and I know you'll love her course on cleaning routines. She'll help you create the perfect routine for you and your household so that doing housework sucks a little bit less.

☞ In the Kitchen

‣ How Menu Planning Can Change Your Family's Life: I truly believe that if you've never menu planned before, doing so will chance your family's life for the better! You'll save money, eat healthier, and grow your homemaking skills.

‣ How to Eat Well on a Shoestring Budget: We all are on a strict budget at some point in our life so these tips from Pinchea Place are so helpful!

‣ The Kitchen is Not Just for Cooking but for Connecting: Do you dread spending time in the kitchen? This post from Women Living Well Ministries will help you look at it as a space for connecting with friends and family.

‣ Recipes to Make with Your Toddler: Get your toddler in the kitchen with you! I know it slows things down a bit but it's such a great learning space for your toddler and it's a great way to spend time together. This post has been repinned over eleven thousand times!

‣ Real Food Journey: I do my best to buy and prepare minimally processed foods and whole foods for my family. This post from Serving Joyfully will inspire you to eat real food and show you how easy it really is to get your family eating real foods.

‣ Master Your Meal Plan: Elizabeth Dall has an amazing e-course on menu planning! From her website: "Master Your Meal Plan is a step by step system to help you plan for, shop for, and prepare all your meals in less than 2 hours per week (on a budget!) No matter your budget, your time constraints, or your cooking ability, this course will help you meal plan according to your own needs, for life. Are you ready to take back your meal plan?"

☞ Healthy Living

‣ Young Living Essential Oils: I love essential oils you guys. I was seriously skeptic about them but once I finally got around to trying them for myself, hello changed life! I love knowing that my cleaning products are truly non-toxic and smell wonderful. I love diffusing oils to lift my mood. And Stressaway oil rolled on my tensed up back muscles is amazing. I am an independent distributer of Young Living Essential Oils and I'd love to help you in your oils journey. Click here to create a customer account or if you'd like to learn more about oils, join my Facebook group, Joyful Oily Homemakers (there's no pressure to buy or become a seller, you can come just to learn!).

☞ Encouragement

‣ Serving Joyfully as a Wife + Mama: Do you need some encouragement for those days when you just want to give up? This post will inspire you to live joyfully and comes with a free scripture study on joy!

‣ Find Contentment in the Mundane Tasks of Homemaking: Joanie from Simple Living Mama gives you some fun tips (like listen to podcasts!) to help you make those boring chores more fun!

‣ The Homemaker's Quiet Time Journal: Get the most out of your quiet time with God with this amazing journal from Serving Joyfully. The journal includes reasons that daily Bible study should be non-negotiable, practicle tips for scheduling and getting the most out of your quiet time, a suggested quiet time routine, 31 days worth of journaling sheets that have sections to coordinate with the quiet time components and a suggested Bible verse to inspire your time, and an index with more than 50 verses, arrange by topic.

‣ Going from Picture-Perfect Homemaker to a Woman in Need of Grace: Rebekah from Hargraves Home & Hearth will inspire you to not always be picture perfect. She writes, "So, here is my proposition, ladies: let’s be real. Let’s admit it when we’re overwhelmed with all the tasks on our to-do list. Let’s confess it when we need to clean the bathroom, sort the laundry, scrub the baked-on pots and pans, and dust the bookcases when all we want to do is curl up in our recliners with a cup of tea and a good book."

‣ Calm Your Chaos: This series from Intentional Moms will help you get put back together when things start to get crazy.

‣ How to Stay Encouraged When Homemaking Feels Endless and Mundane: Katie from Embracing a Simpler Life encourages you to look to the Bible when you're feeling discouraged by housework. Her words are so inspiring and uplifting, you just have to check it out.

☞ Books

*I have not read all of the books on this list but if I haven't read them, they come highly recommended from a fellow homemaker whom I highly respect and trust. Click the links to learn more about the books and to purchase them on Amazon using my affiliate links.

‣ The Christian Homemaker's Handbook by Pat Ennis & Dorothy Kelley Patterson
‣ Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes
‣ Created To Be His HelpMeet by Debi Pearl

☞ Blogs