Creating Summer Daily Schedules for Kids

Routines in summer? Yes, mama! Learn how to create daily routines (schedules) to keep your kids busy over the summer months. Perfect for kids of all ages from preschool to elementary school and beyond.

Routines over the summertime? Heck yes, mama!

No, it does not mean that your summer is going to be boring.
No, it does not mean you can’t relax on summer days.

It does mean that your kids will continue to have stability even though school is not in session.
It does mean that your priorities will stay in line.
It does mean that you will actually have more room for summer fun.

Make planning your summer days easier by choosing a different theme for each day of the week

Summer routines are so much fun because they are filled with adventures, family memories, friends, and special activities that you really only get to do during the summer months. So even though it is a structured routine, it is a super FUN-FILLED routine.

When creating routines for the summer, I recommend choosing a theme or special activity for each day of the week. This will make it easier for you to make plans and your kids will know what they have to look forward to. I put together a free Summer Routines Workbook for you to download in the resource library and in the workbook there is a huge list of daily theme ideas.

I am using the daily themes method for creating our summer routine and for summer 2019.

Our Daily Themes

Make it Monday: I’m actually hosting a summer camp at my home as part of my Usborne business but one of the special camp activities is a big craft like creating a fairy garden, bird feeder, etc.

Take a Trip Tuesday: On Tuesdays, we will be taking a special field trip somewhere local or somewhere that isn’t too far, maybe an hour or two away at the most.

Water + Park Wednesday: Wednesday mornings I run a park playdate group where we meet at a different local playground/park every week so that is where the “park” part of our Wednesday theme comes into play. In the evenings, every other Wednesday we have small group but on the off weeks, I plan on pulling out a big inflatable pool in the backyard and inviting all of our friends over. On the other weeks, we’ll do a smaller water activity like a water table or sprinkler.

Thoughtful Thursday: Our family is super passionate about serving others and that is what I want our Thursdays to be about. Whether the boys help out a little bit at church or we help a neighbor with yard work or even if the boys just make a card for someone, I want them to learn to joyfully help others.

Foodie Friday: Fridays are always my grocery shopping and food prepping day. Over the summer my goal is to get my oldest more involved in the prepping part of the day.

You can go with any theme you’d like for each day of the week but having that theme makes it so easy to decide what to do every day.

Do you want to see exactly how we structure our days? Check out my Summer Schedules Trello board! You can find the link to the free Trello board in my free resource library. The board holds the exact schedule that we are following this summer for each day of the week.

Now, just because you created these routines does not mean you cannot do anything spontaneous! Having the routines in place just means that when you do go off schedule, you know exactly where you are in your day and can easily slide right back into your routine.

So go have some summer fun with routines! Don’t forget to grab the free Summer Routines Workbook and the Summer Schedule Trello Board in the resource library!