Building Your Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe

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You’re either a new stay-at-home mom (or soon to be new stay-at-home mom) who is transitioning from your work wardrobe to a more SAHM appropriate wardrobe or you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a little while but you just haven’t found a wardrobe that you feel confident and comfortable in. Whichever statement you associate with the most, you’re in the right place or blog post or corner of the internet or whatever you want to call it. 

If you’re used to wearing a uniform or more business-y attire, figuring out how to dress to be a comfortable and confident stay-at-home mom can be tricky. Add in the fact that you’ve just had a baby so you have this new body shape that you’re getting used to and you may even still be healing from childbirth/c-section. That’s a lot for your body confidence and your emotional stability health. 

All of this is not an excuse to dress frumpy. You can totally dress comfortably while still looking and feeling put together (although you are totally allowed to have frumpy days, especially when you’re pregnant!). When I take my time to get dressed and to put on some makeup, I instantly have more confidence, feel more organized, and I feel happier. 

To be comfortable and put together, you’re going to need a few different things from the items in your wardrobe.

Look for clothing that:

⤑ Is your current size: If you’re like me you probably needed to go up a size after having your baby, even if only to better fit your uh...upper half, if you’re breastfeeding. If you are trying to fit into the wrong size you are going to feel so uncomfortable. Trust me, I know it’s hard to go up a size but A) it means you get to go shopping and B) when you finally have clothing that fits just right, you will feel so self-assured. A side note: I’ve recently learned to be more comfortable with wearing a size larger than normal, just to get a looser fit since I don’t feel comfortable in skin-tight clothes. Ignore the size label, just go with what fits and what is comfortable.

⤑ Covers you up and keeps you modest: I was a young stay-at-home mom, I had my first baby three months before my 21st birthday and I was in really good shape (before I had my son, obviously). I still had clothes that I wore in high school. I didn’t wear anything immodest but I definitely had shorts that were too short to feel comfy on the playground, dresses that were too short to get up and down off the floor to play with the baby, and jeans that were super skinny fit. None of those work when you’re chasing kids around. I suggest looking for dresses and skirts that are knee length or just above and shorts that have a slightly longer inseam (at least 3”). And avoid pants that are too tight and that may slide down a bit in the back when you reach down to pick up the pacifier that your kid threw for the nine hundredth time.

⤑ Is versatile: You probably spend a decent amount of your time in your home or out running errands so you don’t need to be very dressed up all that often so grab pieces that you can wear around the house or dress up with some heels or a chunky necklace for date night.

Is made of fabric that is forgiving and has some stretch: Avoid fabrics that wrinkle a ton and that are difficult to clean (three words: baby spit up). Look for fabrics that are easy to move around in so you can easily play on the floor with the kiddos or go down the playground slide with your little one. 

Now that you know what to look for in your clothing fabrics and fit, let’s chat about what items a stay-at-home mom needs in her wardrobe. I’ve compiled this list based on things that I actually wear and that work for me in my life. Your list may be different depending on where you live or what you do every day. Be sure to comment below with anything else you would add to the list.

The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Wardrobe

✹ LEGGINGS: I used to be a leggings hater. Then a friend who sells LulaRoe gave me a paper of leggings after I had Daniel. LIFE. CHANGED. Leggings, especially LulaRoe leggings are long as you wear them correctly and appropriately. 😉 If you're a leggings hater, I dare you to just try a pair on (a quality pair like LulaRoe) and I promise you will never want to take them off again. [affiliate link for leggings pictured above]

✹ PAIR OF DARK-WASH JEANS: Leggings are da bomb but there are definitely times when they aren't the most appropriate clothing choice. Be sure to add a great-fitting, comfortable pair of dark-wash jeans to your wardrobe to be ready for anything. Dark-wash jeans are great because they can be dressed up or down. [affiliate link for jeans pictured above]

✹  BLACK FLATS: This is the most versatile shoe you will ever own. I always have a pair of black flats and I wear them until they die. They are perfect for running errands, grabbing coffee with a friend, and you can even dress them up for date night. [affiliate link for flats pictured above]
✹  BLACK CARDIGAN: This is another clothing item that I have always had in my wardrobe. It's the perfect piece to help dress up a casual top and can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings, or shorts! [affiliate link for cardigan pictured above]

✹  LOOSE, KIMONO-STYLE SWEATER: This is a newer addition to my wardrobe that I now cannot live without! I have a casual kimono-style sweater and a slightly dressier version, like the one pictured above. It is perfect to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. [affiliate link for the top pictured above]

✹  TUNICS: Ya need a longer top to cover your font and your bum when you wear leggings! You can add some definition with the skinny waist belt, if you would like to. [affiliate link for tunic pictured above]

✹  COMFY DRESSES: LulaRoe's Carly dress comes to mind in this category. You want something loose and comfy that can be worn during any season and to any event, from a playdate to dinner out. [affiliate link for dress pictured above]

✹  BLACK PUMPS: A must have to dress up everything from jeans to dresses. [affiliate link for shoes pictured above]

✹  CHUNKY STATEMENT NECKLACE: My statement necklaces are probably my favorite items in my wardrobe. They add a splash of fun and color to simple outfits or solid colored tops. [affiliate link for the necklace pictured above]

✹  SKINNY WAIST BELT: Okay, I lied. I really love my skinny belts just as much as I love my statement necklaces. Add a skinny belt around your wait to define a straight cut dress or to break up a solid colored dress. [affiliate link for belt pictured above]

✹  TANK TOPS FOR LAYERING: Let's just say that after breastfeeding two kids, it's necessary to always have an extra layer in there to prevent things from...flopping...out. 😳 #realtalk [affiliate link for top pictured above]

What else would you add to the list? Be sure to pin the image above to save it for later, when you’re out shopping!