5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Card Standout

Tips for making your Christmas cards stand out from the crowd! #Christmas #Christmascards #Minted #letterpress
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One of my favorite things to give and receive at Christmas are Christmas cards. I love seeing how friends, near and far, are doing and receive a little bit of cheer in the mail over the Christmas season. When I was growing up, I loved getting the mail and helping my mom hang Christmas cards on the entry between the living and dining rooms. Now, I’ve passed that same tradition into my own home. Getting Christmas cards in the mail is like receiving a little hug from friends and family, even if you don’t see them regularly. Hanging them up is like a constant flow of Christmas cheer and love in your home. 

So yeah, I love Christmas cards.

I am so excited to be partnering with Minted for a third year in a row on my family Christmas cards. You can check out last year’s cards here and the cards from our first partnership, here.  

Why do I love Minted? They create the highest quality cards I have ever seen, their designs are unique because they are created by independent artists, and they really are just a pleasure to work with. 

This year I’m partnering with Minted to bring you 5 ways you can make your Christmas card standout. It’s not about making cards that are “better” than everyone else’s, it’s about creating a family Christmas card that you are proud of and cannot wait to send out to friends and family. 

5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Card Standout

1. Pick something that represents your family

If you choose a card design that is super elegant and fancy but your family is more about being loud and crazy, it is going to look way out of place and it won’t represent your family well. Minted has hundreds and hundreds of designs to choose from, so you can definitely find a design that shows your family’s vibe. 

I went back and forth between a few designs and ultimately ended up choosing the [affiliate link] Holiday Lettering Letterpress Card designed by Little Print Design. I loved the color options, we have a similar shade of blue in our living room, the script font reminded me a little bit of my blog branding, and I loved the playful atmosphere of the card. 

When searching through all of Minted’s card design options, you can click on “more” on the menu/filtering options and you can actually look through cards by style (watch the above video for how to search and find the perfect card from Minted). Search by Simple + Minimalist, Modern + Edgy, Classic + Elegant, Vintage, Bold + Typographical, Botanical, Funny, Bohemian, and Painterly. You are pretty much guaranteed to find a Christmas card that matches your family’s style.


2. Use a bright, clear photo

This doesn’t so much have to do with choosing your card but it is essential to making sure that your Christmas card looks super awesome. You can totally take a great photo with your iPhone, just make sure your kids/family are (mostly) still and that there is plenty of natural lighting. If you want to have a professional family photo taken, it is totally possible, even if you don’t have a huge budget. Many photographers offer special mini sessions in the Fall, leading up to the holidays, so you can get a few family photos for a lower price. Yes, you do get fewer photos back than you would in a full session but you really only need one card for your Christmas card. If you still can’t find a photographer in budget, can you trade for the photos? Do you have a special skill that you could offer in exchange for Christmas card photos? It never hurts to ask!

My sweet, sweet friend Lindsey Rossman took the photo I used on our Christmas cards. It’s actually from a little mini-session she did for our pregnancy announcement photo.

3. Add a special effect


To make your Christmas cards extra, extra special, you can add a special effect to your card. Minted offers many designs that are Letterpress or Foil-Pressed. Or you can pick a unique shape for your card, most of Minted’s cards can be made into a few different shapes, or you can choose a unique type of card. The card varieties that Minted offers includes: a card that includes [affiliate link] a picture drawn by your child (or you), [affiliate link] a booklet card like we did a few years ago, [affiliate link] an ornament card, [affiliate link] a postcard (a cheaper options since there are no envelopes!), or [affiliate link] a petite sized card

This year I chose a letterpress card, I’ve never made a letterpress card or invitation and since the design is adorable, it seemed like the perfect time to order a letterpress card for the first time.

4. Customize It

One of the reasons I love Minted is because there are so many options for just about every single card to make it truly unique. [affiliate link] Even if you ordered the same card as me, you can make it totally your own. Because I chose a letterpress design, there’s a few less design options but take a card like [afiliate link] this adorable Hello Christmas card and you can choose from five different color options, four different Silhouette™ shapes, 6 paper options, and you can choose a horizontal or vertical photo layout. Many cards, like the Hello Christmas card, also offer various options for the back of the card. Choose from a solid color background or a patterned background, add text, or add photos in various layout options.


5. Do up the envelopes

Get people excited to open your card by doing up the envelope all cute and fancy. White envelopes come at no additional cost from Minted but you can switch it up and choose a kraft paper or silver envelope and you can can even choose to add a slip-in liner inside your envelope. If you’re like me and have terrible handwriting, no need to worry! You can upload your addresses to Minted and they will print the addresses on your envelopes for you, for FREE! Each design has a matching design for printing addresses but there are many different options if you’re not a huge fan of the matching design. It’s kind of a life saver for people like me whose handwriting looks like a small child’s. I ended up choosing the address design called “confetti song,” it says “FALALALALA” above the address and it’s adorable. You can also choose to have your return address printed on the back of the envelope or for a cheaper option, you can get a Skinny Wrap sticker with your return address printed on it, which is the option I went for. 

And new this year, Minted now offers custom postage stamps! Choose a an artist’s design, add a custom holiday greeting to your stamp, or even use a photo!

Whatever options you choose, you can create an adorable envelope that builds anticipation for your even more adorable card. 


I’d love to know your thoughts on Christmas cards, drop a comment below and tell me! I would also love to see your family’s Christmas cards! Share a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag me (@abbybarstow) and Minted (@minted) so we can see your beautiful design.