5 Ways to Simplify Your Mom Life

Are you looking for ways to simplify your mom life? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, there are plenty of ways that you can streamline and simplify your life as a mama. When you are feeling overwhelmed by life, these tips will help you get back on track.

Ease the chaos and overwhelm by simplifying your mom life

When I first became a mom I had literally zero clue what I was doing (as is the case for most of us) and I spent the first 2 or 3 years going through life without a real plan. Eventually, things became way too overwhelming and I had to find ways to streamline and simplify my life as a mom.

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for me and my home and it will be the same for you but at least now you have a place to start (unlike me 😅).

A quick tip before you start working on simplifying your life -- Do some research on the area you are simplifying because something different works for every home. So just because something works in my home, doesn't mean that it will work in yours. This is why I teach people how to create their own systems and routines, rather than simply copying exactly how I do things.

5 Ways to Simplify Your Mom Life

1. Know your priorities

Knowing your priorities will help you know what is and is not important to you and your family. The easiest way to nail down your priorities and make it easy for your family to understand them is to create a family mission statement. Simplify your cluttered calendar by only adding on events that fit your priorities, simply your routines by only adding in your priorities, and knowing your priorities will help you accomplish what is most important to you!

2. Create routines

Structure most definitely helps you simplify your life and once you know your priorities (see above), you can make sure that what needs to get done, gets done first! No more (or at least way less) chaotic days when you have created simplified routines.

3. Learn how to say no

After knowing your priorities, you can learn how to say no to the things that aren't in line with your families priorities and/or you can say no to the things that just don't fit on your calendar. And believe it or not, it is possible to say no without feeling guilty!

4. Create systems

Ya'll know that I am all about systems (I mean, this is called The SYSTEMS Mama) and that's because they really do simplify and streamline your life. No more running in circles when you have systems in place because things practically get done on autopilot. Not sure where to start with systems? I have a free printable checklist in the free resource library that helps you with some of the most essential homemaking systems.

5. Delegate and Ask for Help

Start training your kids from a young age to help with chores so that as they get older, they can handle some on their own. If your budget allows for it, hire a cleaning lady to come in a few times a month (or even just once a month) to help you clean the house if cleaning is something that causes you major stress. Or trade babysitting with your mom friends so you can get things done around the house or work from home without the kids. Or just run errands by yourself. Or if you get the chance, go get your hair done or get a message without the kids!

Often I find that moms (myself included!) make their lives harder for themselves when all they need to do is simplify a few key areas of their life. It's totally doable to simplify your mom life so you can be less overwhelmed. Share your tips for simplifying your mom life on Instagram by using #myhomemaking systems (and don't forget to tag me so I don't miss it!).

(photo in title image taken by Cross Photography)