Grocery Shopping Essentials

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I pretty much always have my diaper bag packed and ready to go but one day we happened to be completely out of diapers for baby Audrey. I figured we’d be fine on the drive to drop William off at preschool and then to the grocery store. Of course, that is when baby girl poops up her back. The only size diapers I had in the diaper bag were Daniel’s size 6 diapers and normally she wears a size 2 diaper. I obviously had to change her diaper so I had to wrap the way-too-big diaper on her to go into the store. She’s so tiny, I’m pretty sure the diaper was the size of her entire body. She survived but she looked really ridiculous, I had to stuff her into her little skinny jeggings with the oversized diaper on. I was NOT prepared that day. Sometimes you can’t help it if you run out of diapers but diapers are pretty essential to any outing with a baby so if I had been better prepared and gotten more diapers before running out, things would have been much simpler for us. Diapers are a pretty obvious essential for errand running and grocery shopping but there are a few other items that you may be forgetting or haven’t thought of but they do make your life easier.

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grocery shopping essentials

Kinderpack baby carrier

With three kids it is pretty much mandatory that I wear the baby when we are out and about, especially when it’s just myself with the kids. I’ve tried a ton of different baby carriers and wraps and by far, my favorite carrier to wear to the grocery store is our Kinderpack Carrier. It is quick and easy to put on, it’s comfortable, and she feels 100% secure, I never have to put my hand on her to help support her or to keep her from falling out or flopping around when I’m unloading the grocery cart. Get $10 off your order by using my affiliate code SystemsMama at checkout.*

diaper bag

Yes, it’s obvious but it’s important because every time you think you’ll be fine with out it, is when you end up needing it the most. We love our [affiliate link] Citi Babies diaper bag and you can see everything we keep in it, here.

hand cleaner

No thank you, germs! Young Living makes a great hand cleaner and I also like to make my own! This is the basic recipe I use to make my hand cleaning spray, I also like to add some aloe and witch hazel. I make my own shopping cart cleaning wipes by spraying a baby wipe with my hand cleaning spray and then I wipe down the cart handles and seat.


I have tried just about every grocery list app available in the App Store and AnyList is hands down, my favorite! You add your grocery items into your list and AnyList automatically categorizes it for you so you can see everything you need from each area of the store. It’s also easy to keep track of the number of items you need and even from which store you want to buy an item. While shopping, just double tap an item to cross it off your list! Super easy and it looks great! It’s practically impossible to carry a paper grocery list and a pen to cross items off of it when you have kids in the grocery cart, they will without a doubt, highjack your grocery list and the pen.

“chill out” roller bottle blend

Calm me crazy and crunchy but William has a special essential oil blend that we call his “chill out” oil and we apply it on him when he is really worked up and/or really misbehaving (we use it on Daniel as well but it was originally made for William) and it really works! One time at Wal-Mart I applied it to the bottom of his feet and within a few minutes he calmed down and stopped fighting me and shouting. I had to use it later in the same shopping trip and again it worked within a few minutes. The chill out roller bottle blend is typically a combination of Young Living’s Valor blend, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Young Living’s Gentle Baby or Peace & Calming blends. I put about 10-15 drops, a combination of the oils I listed previously, into a roller bottle ([affiliate link] these are my favorite roller bottles) and top it off with fractioned coconut oil.

Grocery cart cover

If you have a little one sitting in the basket of the cart, you will definitely want a shopping cart cover to put on the cart first. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, you can go with a simple multi-use cover [affiliate link] like this one or you can get something a little more elaborate that provides more support for younger babes. I’ve found some really cute shopping cart covers through Instagram; Hugs and Fringes, Balboa Baby, and Itzy Ritzy are just a few of the brands I’ve found through Instagram that have adorable cart covers.

It’s impossible to be 100% prepared when you have little ones but it sure does help when you do everything you can possibly do to be prepared. I’d love to know what your grocery shopping essentials are, share a photo on Instagram and tag it with #mygroceryshoppingsystems or #iamajoyfulhomemaker and tag me in it, too!

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