Daily Routine of a Stay-at-Home with 3 Kids

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I love watching “day in the life” videos on Youtube and reading blog posts about how other mamas organize their days, watching videos and reading posts have really helped me to develop daily routines for my family and our routines have been a lifesaver as I am postpartum with baby #3. After I had baby #2 I shared our daily routine with you and how I developed our routine. Obviously now that we have three kids and my first two are a little bit older, our routine has changed quite a bit and I’m kind of in love with our daily routines.

I use a visual daily routine for my boys, my oldest is four and getting ready to start preschool in September so I thought this would be a great way to help get him ready. Creating a visual routine for your kids is super easy and kind of fun and all you need to make the actual routine is a pocket chart and the free printable visual routine papers that I created for you. Click here to visit my blog post that gives you all the details you need to create a visual daily routine. 

Our visual daily routine covers the activities for my boys but I have things that I do during some of their routines that aren’t included on their visual chart. The best way I could think of to show you exactly what my routine is as a stay-at-home mom to three kids was to film a “day in the life” style video so you could follow along with our day. Take a peek out our day in the video below.


Our Basic Daily Routine

a daily #routine from a #stayathomemom of three kids #sahm #schedule

I keep our daily routine pretty flexible but here is a look at the basic template for our day.


6:00am - I wake up and feed the baby. Then I make a smoothie or tea and switch the laundry and lastly, I start doing my hair and makeup for the day.

7:00am - The boys’ alarm clock turns green at 7am, letting them know they can come out of their room ([affiliate link] this is the clock we have). They come down around 7, sometimes a little later, for breakfast. After the boys have finished eating breakfast then I get to eat breakfast.

8:00am - I do some chores in the morning and then if I need more time to finish getting ready for the day, I do so at this point. The boys usually watch tv while I’m getting ready for the day.

8:30am - I try to take a walk most mornings if the weather is nice.

9:00am - We have snacks and then the boys play for awhile.

9:30am - I put together a special activity for the boys. A special activity is something like a sensory bin or a pre-planned and prepped activity. Most of the time this is something they can do on their own once I set it up so then I am able to do more housework or get some work done on my computer.

10:30am - I encourage the boys to do something active every few hours, even something as simple as jumping on their indoor trampoline ([affiliate link] something like this indoor toddler trampoline) or playing in their ball pit ([affiliate link] this is the ball pit that we have). 

11:00am - The boys eat lunch and then play for a little bit longer.

11:30am - I let the boys have a little bit more tv time if they want it, to help calm them down for nap and quiet time.

12:00pm - Daniel goes down for a nap around noon most days and while he naps, William and I do some chores. After William finishes his chores he is allowed to play on the iPad. While William plays I do some more chores and then I spend most of nap time doing computer work. I also eat lunch during this time.

2:00pm - Daniel wakes up and the boys have snack time and maybe watch an episode of a tv show or play on the iPad together while Daniel takes his time waking up.

2:30pm - I encourage the boys to do something active again while I switch the laundry and do other chores or finish up my work for the day.

3:00pm - We’ll do another activity or play outside at this time.

4:00pm - The boys help me pick up the main living areas and then play or watch tv while I make dinner.

5:45pm - My husband gets home from work a little before 6pm and we have dinner. After dinner is family time; this could be running errands together, watching a movie together, playing outside...really whatever we want/need to do as a family. 

8:00pm - The boys have a bedtime snack and get ready for bed. It usually takes them up to an hour and a half to fall asleep. The baby eats around this time and when she’s done Seth and I can finish any housework and hangout together. 

10:30pm - The baby eats for one last time and then goes to bed for the night (and sleeps through the night!!!!) and then I go to bed as well. 


Our schedule varies from day-to-day but this is the basic structure for most of our days. If we need to run errands we usually do that in the morning around 9am and some days we have regular appointments or church. If you want to learn more about how to create a routine, be sure to visit my blog post on how to create a visual daily routine chart.  

What do your days look like as a stay-at-home mom? If you don’t have any kind of routine I highly recommend you put one together. Having a solid routine for me and the kids has helped make this postpartum period immensely easier than I imagined. 

Share a photo of you doing part of your daily routine and tell us how you structure your days. Use the tag #iamajoyfulhomemaker and tag me so I don’t miss it!