Why Routines are Important for Kids and Mamas

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When I tell moms about our daily routines, I can immediately see that they are turned off at the word “routine.” Usually, it’s because they don’t want to feel trapped or controlled by their routine, they think they are too free-spirited, don’t know where to start with creating a routine, or they think routines can’t work for them because each day is so different and so busy. Even if you are apprehensive of routines are if you think you are too free-spirited for routines, let me tell you, they are absolutely life-changing and so so important for your children AND for you as a mama!

Routines can be whatever you need them to be, they can be as detailed or as broad as you’d like, whatever works for you and your family. So shake off any pre-judgments you have about routines and realize that your routines can be whatever you need them to be.

Why Routines are Important for Kids + Mamas

1) Keep Priorities Inline

Living intentionally means knowing your priorities and making them the most important part of your day. The first priority to put into your routine should be alone time with Christ and then time sharing Jesus with your kids. “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33 NTL).

When creating routines, place your priorities into your routine first and then put in everything else.

2) Provides Stability + Structure for Children

Sally Clarkson says it best, “Routines are often difficult to establish and may need to change through the seasons of life, but when cultivated carefully they promote life, love, regularity, and security amidst the constantly changing stresses of contemporary life.” Having routines gives your children something they can rely on and fall back on when the world outside of your home is a little bit overwhelming or scary.

3) Teaches Children About Time

The concept of “time” can be a bit abstract for little ones but having a routine will help them to understand it a little bit faster. “Young children do not yet fully understand the concept of time, so they do not order their lives by hours and minutes, but rather by the events that happen. When events happen in the same order every day, children have a better understanding of their world, and therefore feel more secure. A regular schedule gives children a way to order and organize their lives” (Education.com). Understanding time will help with those feelings of stability and structure.

4) Helps Children with ADHD

If you have a little one with ADHD or even if they don’t have ADHD but they are extremely hyperactive, having structure is extremely important for them. Our eldest has ADHD (as does my husband) so structure is extremely important because our son is still so young, he needs a lot of structure. Without structure, he goes as fast as his brain lets him and he has trouble regulating everything that is going on in his mind which causes bad and rough behavior on his end. According to Very Well Mind, “The symptoms of ADHD lead to problems with self-control. As a result, children with ADHD need more external controls (i.e. structure) in order to help them manage symptoms. When you build in these external controls at home, you are helping your child to experience more successes and also teaching them good habits and skills along the way.”

5) Be More Productive

Are you struggling to get even the important tasks done in a timely manner? Having a routine with set times to get particular tasks done will help you to actually get things completed. A scheduled time for chores, a scheduled time for checking email, a scheduled time for food prepping...you WILL get more done when tasks are scheduled.

To help you create your daily routine, I’ve made a daily routine template for you. To use it, first put in your priorities and the things that have to be done at a certain time (like school drop off/pick up) and then put in everything around your priorities. You can grab the freebie in my free resource library under the “mom life” section. I’ve included a blank printable version as well as an editable Word document for you to download and type on.

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I’m obsessed with routines so I would love to see how you structure your days.

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