Tips to Make Practicing Regular Hospitality Easier

Tips to make practicing regular #hospitality easier #homemaking #hosting #party #dinner #gathering

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I am quite the introvert but my husband is quite the extrovert. We’re also on staff at our church. This means that we host people in our home, fairly regularly. Despite the fact that I am in introvert I do love hosting small groups and Bible studies and dinners; I just need to make sure that I have time to “recover” from hosting to fuel my introverted needs. 

Since we host people and event on a regular basis, there are a few things I try to do and things I try to keep stocked so that it’s easier for me to say, “Yes!” when my husband gives me little heads up about people coming over. At the end of this post, I’ll tell you all about two hospitality checklists and a hospitality challenge that you can find in the free resource library. 

Tips to Make Practicing Regular Hospitality Easier

1. Keep Up with a Regular Cleaning Schedule

I have talked about my cleaning routine in the past, so I won’t go into too much detail now. Basically, create a cleaning routine with particular tasks for each day of the week, so you’re doing a little bit each day rather than waiting until everything piles up and is gross and having to spend an entire day cleaning up. 

Because I have little kids, my house usually isn’t sparkling clean but because of my cleaning routine, I am able to do a quick clean up in less than 30 minutes (the biggest tasks are usually cleaning the floors and picking up the kids’ toys). Knowing that I don’t need to spend hours and hours cleaning makes it easier for me to host last minute guests and makes hosting larger events and groups less daunting. 

2. Keep Coffee/Tea Stocked

In her book [affiliate linkThe Lifegiving Home, Sally Clarkson talks a lot about tea time fellowship. It’s basically a time to sit with someone over tea or a hot drink to talk about life. Sally and her family always have plenty of tea on hand and usually some scones too, in case someone needs last-minute counsel. 

One of my friends always has tea and coffee on hand and offers it to every guest and she is one of the best hostesses I’ve ever met. When she offers you a hot drink, you immediately feel at home and at ease.

We have [affiliate link] a small Keurig for coffee and other hot drinks as well as an electric tea kettle for tea and we have a small drawer near where the Keurig sits that is full of K-cups and tea bags. I also like to keep a few flavored sugars on hand and in the fridge, there is always at least one bottle of flavored coffee creamer. [affiliate links] For K-cups we like to keep a medium or dark roast on hand, a light roast, hot chocolate, and decaf coffee.

3. Have an Organization System for the House

This sort of goes along with #1 but I thought it was worth having its own spot. In addition to having a cleaning routine, make sure you have an organization system in place for all of your kids’ toys and anything else that is often left out (like craft supplies). We have a storage ottoman in the living room where all of the upstairs toys get thrown when cleaning up and in the playroom, we have cube shelves and fabric boxes for holding toys (although we aren’t super strict about having the playroom perfectly clean. It’s there to have fun in and to spend time with friends but we do go down maybe once or twice a week and do a good clean up (of course the boys do just destroy in right away, ha)). Having these systems in place allows us to be able to clean up in just a few minutes.

4. Keep it Simple, Don't Stress About Going Over the Top

This is a big lesson that I have learned over the past year or so; I always wanted to impress people by having the best food or an impressive table centerpiece. But it just stressed me out and just drained me and made me not enjoy hosting. I’ve learned to relax a little bit and instead of trying to do it all myself, I have more potluck style gatherings and I focus on just making people feel comfortable and at home rather than impressing guests.

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To help you be ready to practice regular hospitality, I have created two checklists and a challenge for you. The first checklist is a 24/7 Hospitality Checklist and helps you stay prepared for any last minute guests that may show up. The second checklist will help you do last minute cleaning when company is on their way over. Lastly in the bundle you will find a hospitality challenge. The challenge is made up of five tasks that will help you prepare to be hospitable and to practice hospitality. You can do the challenge on your own or invite a friend or two to take part in it as well, to keep you accountable. The hospitality checklists and challenge can be found in the resource library under the Homemaking section. If you do not yet have access to the resource library, sign up for the email list below and you will receive instructions on accessing the free library. If you forget the access password, it’s at the bottom of every email newsletter I send out. 

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Download the checklists and challenge and let me know how they help you be ready to practice regular hospitality. Are there any other tasks that you like to make sure are complete in order to be ready for guests?