Recipe for Heart-Shaped Chocolate Pancakes

One of my favorite things from my childhood, that I still remember today, is how my mom made all the "little" holidays, like Valentine's Day, super adorable. My mom is super crafty so she always made us this cute little valentine's on Valentine's Day and she's always make us special breakfasts on these holidays as well. It made these holidays super special so it's something I want to continue with my kiddos.

William isn't quite old enough to really understand Valentine's Day (obviously the baby isn't either) but that doesn't mean I can't make him a special breakfast and introduce him to the holiday. I decided this year that I wanted to make chocolate pancakes, chocolate and pancakes are William's favorite foods. Put them together and we have a winner. 

These pancakes are almost more like cakes, William actually ate one straight out of the fridge. It's definitely not the healthiest breakfast but it's all about moderation and Valentine's Day is like the chocolate holiday, so when in Rome...

I tried two different methods for making the heart shape and in the end I decided to go with cutting them out of the cooked pancakes, like you would with sugar cookie dough, rather than cooking them in the cookie cutter. Cooking them in the metal cookie cutters worked but it took longer and I had to wait for the cookie cutter and the pancake to cool enough for me to take the pancake out of the heart shape. Ain't no mama got time for that! When your kid is hungry, you have to cook as fast as possible, am I right!? Ha! Plus you get cute heart-shaped pancakes for the kids and plenty of scraps for mama.