Pregnancy Essentials

You just found out you're #pregnant and now you're wondering what you need to be comfortable in your pregnancy. Pinterest has a plethora of information but most of it is telling you to go out and buy nine thousand things. Don't do that. Here's what you ACTUALLY need for your pregnancy #pregnancyessentials #musthaves #new #mom
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Congratulations! You just found out you're pregnant and now you're wondering what types of things you need for your pregnancy. Pinterest is a great source for information but it can be overwhelming and most of it is telling you to go out and buy nine thousand things right away. Please don't do that. You won't use half of what you buy. There's really only a few things that you need to buy to be comfortable during your pregnancy and I've broken it down by each trimester so you don't have to drop a ton of money all at once.

As I write this, I am 20-weeks pregnant with baby #3, our first girl! I have used all of the items on this list and some of the items I have used only in my third pregnancy, I didn't have a need for them in the other two pregnancies. Don't worry, I'll let you know which items first-time moms probably won't need and which ones moms in their second pregnancy or beyond may need. 

pregnancy essentials

First Trimester


When you first start noticing some extra bloating and once your bump "comes in," your regularly jeans may start feeling a little tight but you aren't quite ready for maternity jeans, that's where [affiliate lilnk] the BellaBand comes in! Just unbutton your jeans and slip this over top of your jeans, covering at least most of the zipper and pull the rest of the band up over your belly. It keeps your jeans on and provides extra coverage in case your shirts are getting a bit short as your belly grows.

water bottle

Everything you need for a comfortable and happy #pregnancy #pregnancyessentials #musthaves #checklist

You will need to pretty dramatically increase your water intake, or at least be more intentional about how much water your drink. I suggest getting [affiliate link] a large water bottle that has measurement marks so you can keep track of how much you are drinking. 

panty liners

If this is your first pregnancy, just trust me. You will have stuff coming out of you and you will need liners. If this is your second pregnancy or beyond then you probably already wear these regularly. 😂 [affiliate link] My favorite brand is U by Kotex Lightdays Liners, they are comfortable and you really can't feel them and they stay in place.

Mini saltines

In my first trimester in this third pregnancy, there were days where the only thing I could eat was [affiliate link] mini saltines. These have such a nicer texture than regular saltines and unlike club crackers and others, they don't have a strong flavor. 

Ovia app

I've tried all the pregnancy apps at this point and hands down, my favorite pregnancy tracking app is Ovia Pregnancy. It's super easy to use, it's free, and it looks adorable. Trust me, you'll love it!

Second Trimester

bra extender

As your body starts to change shape and things get bigger, you may find that your bras aren't fitting well. You can grab [affiliate link] a bra extender to clip onto the back of your bra to give yourself a little bit more room to grow.

Heating pad

I have a bad back to begin with but with this pregnancy it has been a hot mess. I plan on seeing a chiropractor soon but in the meantime [affiliate link] a heating pad does temporarily help. My back has been worse in this pregnancy than the other two, could be because it's my third pregnancy or it could be because it's a girl this time. 

maternity t-shirt

If you're not already in maternity clothes, you will be sometime in your second trimester. With my first pregnancy I barely showed until well after 20 weeks but the second and third pregnancies had me in maternity clothes in the first trimester (I'm talking like 8 weeks into the pregnancies, ha). I love [affiliate link] t-shirts like this one because they work for all seasons (just throw a cardigan over top for the cold months), they're comfy, and they will fit through your entire pregnancy.

Wire-free bra

If you are experiencing a lot of breast discomfort (it was worst for me in my first pregnancy), I suggest [affiliate link] picking up a few wire-free bras. I personally am not super comfortable leaving the house in them because I am pretty heavy chested to begin with but they are awesome for around the house. Without the wire the bra won't be tight or constricting and it will sort of stretch with you as you grow.

maternity tank top

As your belly gets bigger all of your shirts will get shorter, including your tank tops for layering. You may not think that it matters if your tank tops are too short but they will end up riding up on you and making weird lines under your shirts. Instead, grab [affiliate link] some maternity tank tops for layering and you will be covered and comfortable.

Third Trimester

Pregnancy undies

This is something that I have only used in this third pregnancy. I have c-sections so my incision scar gets sore as my belly grows and having underwear rub on the scar was super uncomfortable. I found [affiliate link] these lower cut pregnancy underwear and gave them a try and they are perfect! If you have a c-section scar or if baby is sitting low and it's causing your underwear to fall down, [affiliate link] try out the pregnancy undies, they are cut to sit under your belly.

knee pillow

This is another item that I have only used in my third pregnancy but depending on where you have pain and discomfort you may need it in your first. Place [affiliate ink] this knee pillow between your knees when you're laying on your side to help relieve any pain or discomfort you're experience in your hips and lower back.

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deep conditioner

You may need some [affiliate link] deep conditioner for your hair before your third trimester but it'll probably be more necessary towards the end. Baby will be sucking out all of your moisture, even from your hair. Take some time to pamper yourself and your hair with [affiliate link] a deep conditioning treatment.


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