How to Build a Positive Home Atmosphere

As mamas and homemakers, we not only manage the household but because we spend the most time around the home (in most cases), we also set the atmosphere in the home. Have you noticed that if you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, the rest of your family feels it as well? Or if you’re happy and full of joy, the rest of your family feels the same. [click to tweet!]

“It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation; It takes knowledge to
furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies.” - Proverbs 24:3-4 MSG

With our actions and demeanor and words, we can change the atmosphere in our home in an instant. So what does a “positive home atmosphere” look like?

A home with a positive home atmosphere is…

✓ Filled with uplifting words and consistent encouragement
✓ Inviting and cozy
✓ Filled with grace and forgiveness
✓ Full of laughter and fun
✓ Safe and secure
✓ A place where Jesus Christ is the center of the home

I could go on and on about what describes a positive home atmosphere, but those are just a few of the essential ingredients. If you are unsure of how to describe your home’s atmosphere, be brave and ask your family members and your close friends who come to your home often. Do they describe your home as cozy? Encouraging? Inspiring? Fun? Christ-centered?

Maybe your home doesn’t embody all of or only one or two of the statements above, maybe you feel like your home is a negative space, or maybe things just feel stale. That’s okay! I don’t think it’s possible for any home to be 100% bubbly and positive at all times. If your home atmosphere is feeling a bit gloomy or stagnant, I have nine things for you to do to build up that positive home atmosphere.

What To Do If Your Home Doesn’t Feel All That Positive

5. Freshen Up Your Decor + Rearrange Some Furniture

⇨ Put out some pretty houseplants and fresh flowers, buy a new lamp or a new throw blanket, the updates don’t need to be huge, I mean, if you want to repaint a whole room or two, you totally can, but you can just do a few little things to update your home and re-inspire you. You could also switch things up by rearranging some furniture, sometimes changing things up, even if it’s just the furniture, helps you get a new perspective on things.

6. Watch Your Words

⇨ Are you using uplifting, encouraging, helpful words (and tones!) throughout the day? How sarcastic are you? Are you just funny sarcastic or is it coming off as mean? 

“Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” - Proverbs 16:24

7. Spend Daily Time with God

⇨ I start just about every day the same way, as soon as I wake up, I go downstairs and put the tea kettle on, pack my husband’s lunch, and then sit down on the sofa with my favorite Spotify worship playlist and my Bible study notebook.When I don’t start my day off with these steps, I am quick to become overwhelmed and impatient. 

8. Invite Your Friends Over

⇨ It may seem odd to invite people over when you feel like your home has a bit of a negative vibe to it, but it really will help! Invite your best friends over and have a good time, fill your home with laughter and fun and friends. Be sure that your friends are fun and positive and encouraging, otherwise this plan will backfire. 

9. Organize Your Priorities, Time, and Calendar

⇨ Is your calendar too full? Stop the glorification of busy and take some time to slow down rather than continually going, going, going. 
⇨ Are your priorities in-line? They should look something like this: God>Husband>Children>Self. To learn more about setting priorities, I also have a lesson on priorities in my course The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Guide to Life.
⇨ How are you managing your time? How productive are you? The less productive your are, the more overwhelmed and stressed you will be and in turn, your home atmosphere will reflect it. If you need help managing your time, my friend Becca has an amazing free time management toolkit to help you out!

1. Clean and organize your home

⇨ Giving your home a good cleaning will make things sparkly and pretty again and no matter what your personality is like, having a clean and organized home will help you feel less overwhelmed and encouraged. 
⇨ Need some help getting started? I have a free 7-day email course to help you clean your house from top to bottom in one week. All of the tasks are broken up day by day so you don’t need to have one crazy, overwhelming, long cleaning day! And it’s free!

2. Throw open some windows

⇨ Literally! Let some sunshine and fresh air in, both are so good for the soul. When we were house hunting I absolutely had to find a house that was just filled with natural light, when I’m not in a space filled by sunlight for the majority of the day, I am more likely to feel tired, sad, and maybe even depressed and anxious. 

3. Pray over your home

⇨ This is something I could definitely improve in, I often forget to pray a general prayer over my home and family. Here are a few verses you could pray over your home and family to help cultivate a positive atmosphere: John 15:5, Corinthians 13:4-8, Colossians 1:9-12, Hebrews 12:1-2, Romans 12:2, Isaiah 54:13, Colossians 3:23, and Proverbs 16:3.

4. Create a Family Mission Statement

⇨ Having a family mission statement will guide you and your family in making decisions, everything from what movie to watch to what vacation to take.
⇨ Jami Balmet has a great podcast episode on building a family mission statement, you can click here to check it out. If you want a super in depth lesson on building a family mission statement, I have a whole section on the topic in my course, The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Guide to Life. 










If you feel like your home isn’t or could be more positive, as I said before, it’s okay! No home can be 100% positive all the time, they key is knowing how to build it back up when the negativity starts to creep back in.

What other ways do you build up a positive atmosphere in your home? If you’re willing to get real with us, share how you are struggling and how you plan to fix it.