How to Create a Playdate Group with Mom Friends

A few summers ago, I decided that I was tired of waiting around for other mamas to invite me to playdates. I decided that I needed to take the initiative and start a playdate group. I made a Facebook group, added my local mom friends and I chose a day of the week for us to meet up and we met at a different playground each week over the summer. The group quickly grew, other moms heard that we were meeting weekly and they were excited about it and wanted to take part. When the summer was over we didn’t meet weekly anymore but it gave moms a space to invite people to play dates in their homes or at indoor play areas.

We now have 54 members in the Facebook group and it is a great community for our local mom friends. Over the winter, I held monthly playdates at my house and this summer I have already chosen the locations for each of our weekly playdates and set up events in the Facebook group so everyone can easily find them.

You can easily create a playdate group of your own!

Think you don’t have enough mom friends? That’s not true! You literally just need one or two mom friends to start it with you and have them each invite friends and so on. And don’t forget to include your working mom friends, even if they typically aren’t free when you plan on meeting! Still don’t think you have enough friends, work on building up a community around you.

How to Create Your Own Playdate Group

create a fun group where you and your mom friends can plan playdates!

1. Choose a place to organize the group

This may be in a Facebook group, like my playdate group, or it could just be a group texting thread or even over email. Find a place where you can send invites and plan events.

2. Choose the format

Are you just hanging out, playing? Are you including a Bible study? Are you have a meal together? Will snack be included? Choose what your playdates will look like and then you can choose the location.

3. Choose the location

Over the summer my group meets at a different local playground (we are seriously blessed with SO many playgrounds close to us!) and we just hang out. I post in the group a few days before the regular playdate with a reminder so I can get an idea of who to look for when we get to the playground and we can figure out a place to meet if it’s a bigger/busier playground.

4. Leave the group open for invites

Make sure you tell group members that they are welcome to post playdate invites in the group, as well! You want this to be an INCLUSIVE group, not an exclusive one so make sure other members can post when they want to invite others to playdates. Typically, when moms invite others to random playdates, it’s because they want some company; so give moms the opportunity to post their own invitations.

Even if you are not much of an extrovert, you can totally create your own playdate group. You never know what other mama needs this as much as you do!