Organize Your Bible Study with a Happy Planner

I am so excited to share my Bible study planner and journal with you, it’s made a huge difference in how I approach my God time and has made it so much more enjoyable for me to study the Bible. One of my little OCD tendencies makes it hard for me to work in a notebook that is not neatly organized and after trying out several things, I finally settled on (and love) using a Happy Planner. 

If you are unfamiliar with it, The Happy Planner is made by Me & My Big Ideas and it’s basically a calendar made for getting crafty and scapbook-y. As you can see on the planner’s website, Most go all out and decorate it/scrapbook in it. You can use it as a planner and to do list organizer and make it look all pretty with stickers and such or you can also use it as a sort of scrapbook to scrapbook memories from specific days, sort of like a journal. 

P.S. This post is not sponsored by The Happy Planner or Me & My Big Ideas, I just seriously love my Happy Planner.

Because I’m not a normal person, I don’t use my Happy Planner like most people do. Well, I guess it’s a little bit like how some people use it because I do, do some journaling in it. But rather than getting crafty in it, I use it to organize my Bible studies!

In the video below I walk you through how my planner is set up and what I do on each page. So if videos are more your thing, go ahead and watch that and then look below for the links I mentioned in the video.

On the month-at-glance pages I write what verse I’m studying in my current scripture study, on each day of the week. I love scripture studies so much that every month I put one together for members of my Facebook group. This month we are doing one with verses based on marriage and relationships and spoiler alert, in March we will be studying wisdom. Scripture studies (using the SOAP method) are such a great way to study Bible verses and to better familiarize yourself with God’s word.

In the week pages is where I do the actual scripture studies. There are three boxes for each day of the week and in the top box I write out the scripture, in the middle I write out my notes on it (the observation + application part of the SOAP method), and in the last box I write out a small prayer relating to the verse. 

My weird self loves how organized my scripture studies are now. 

Just ignore my terrible handwriting. ;)

Each week I fill out a prayer journal and it’s my goal to map out at least one verse each week so I’ve created worksheets for myself that fit into my Happy Planner and insert them in between the two pages that each week takes up, like you can see in the photos and in the video. 

Because I’m awesome, and because you’re awesome, I have made you a weekly prayer journal sheet that you can print out for free and put into your very own Happy Planner (and if you have a binder or a different planner, there is also an 8.5”x11” option)! If you are not already subscribed to my newsletter, all you have to do is sign up and then you’ll immediately get the password to my exclusive resource library where you will find the printable weekly prayer journal under the faith section. 

And if you want even more, I’ve created a bundle of amazing printable Bible study worksheets in my Etsy shop! What, what!? I’ve even created brand new worksheets that I haven’t even started using yet because they are so new! Get 10% off the bundle with the code “blogbuddy”. Click here to get your printable bundle in the Happy Planner size or click here to get the bundle in 8.5"x11" size.

How do you organize your Bible study notes? Do you have a method that you just love? Tell me about it in the comments! 

Don’t forget to get your prayer journal printable from the resource library!