Free Download // Newborn Tracking Chart

Those first few days and weeks postpartum can leave your mind slightly fuzzy. Use this free tracking chart to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, and more! Because

I don't have what you would call an awesome memory. Add on a lack of sleep, a crying baby, and intense hormones and I can barely tell you the day of the week. With a newborn there's all kinds of things to keep track of like feedings and poops and any medications you or baby may be on, all things you just don't want to or can't forget. I've tried out a few iPhone apps but nothing was exactly as I had pictured and I personally found it easier to write everything down. I know, the fact that I still love to handwrite things may seem a bit strange. This is the second version of this chart that I've created and it is now perfect (at least for us). Since this has saved my sanity just a wee bit I thought I would share it with you! If you'd like to try out this handy tracking chart,

click here to download it



 I obviously keep track of breastfeedings but I also try to pump once a day so that we have a bottle to give him when we go out, so to keep track of when I pump I write "P 4oz" or however much I pump for that breast. Then, when we give him the bottle I write "B 3oz" or however much he eats and I just write that under the left column. The


 section is just for me because I was on a strict ibuprofen regiment

due to the c-section

but you could also use it to keep track of any of baby's medications or supplements. I hope that the


 section is self explanatory because if not then there is a problem....In the little box for

Notes & Sweet Moments

 I keep track of his weights after doctor's appointments, how my doctor's appointments go, and fun things we do as a family. Let me know if you try it out or have another way to keep track of things.