Must-Listen To Podcasts for Moms + Homemakers

In an effort to try and watch less tv, I started seriously searching for awesome podcasts to listen to. I hate quiet, my mind starts racing and getting anxious if there’s not something on in the background to distract it while I work on the more mundane chores and projects, and tv shows are usually my go-to for distraction. But in order to really live out my life intention statements, watching less tv was going to be vital. Instead of listening to tv shows that do nothing for me, I decided to try listening to podcasts which would enrich my mind more than tv shows.

I tried out dozens and dozens of podcasts before finding ones that I truly love listening to. I listen to podcasts on lots of different topics but for this post I just want to highlight the podcasts that I believe are truly beneficial to moms and homemakers.

Podcasts for Moms + Homemakers

Homemakers in Action

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This is a brand new podcast from my friend Becca Day and I can’t wait to hear more from her! Becca is located in England so she has an awesome accent and she is super sweet, which definitely comes through on her podcast. She’s relatable, well-spoken, kind-hearted, and passionate and I know you’ll love her and her podcast!
My Favorite Episodes: Why Homemaking Still Matters in 2017

Stuff You Missed in History Class

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I’m a little bit of a history nerd, I just love learning about history, especial the slightly quirky or lesser-known facts. I think it’s so important for moms to always be learning, it keeps our minds active, we can teach our children what we learn, and it helps us to feel more like a part of society even when we are home all day doing chores. Holly and Tracy are the hosts and they constantly bring fun, well-researched, and interesting history to the table. 
My Favorite Episodes: Hercules Mulligan, Spy on the Inside, Lucille Ball, Mary Nelson, AKA Molly Spotted Elk

Vibrant Happy Women with Jen Riday

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Jen Riday hosts this inspiring podcast where she interviews women who are known being positive and encouraging even when times are rough. Her guests share their stories and inspire you to live happier and give you ways to do so.
My Favorite Episodes: Filling Up Your Own Heart By Filling Another’s (Katie Dilse), The Lost Art of Showing Love Through Hospitality (Callie Blount)

Cultivating The Lovely

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This podcast hosted by MacKenzie Monroe is made specifically for Christian mamas and homemakers. If I had to use one word to describe this podcast, it would be “sweet.” The episodes are perfect for mamas and will fill you up with sweet thoughts and encouragement.
My Favorite Episodes: Cultivating Your Mama Culture with Brandy Vencel, Modeling the Life We Want Our Children to Lead with Tricia Goyer

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

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Jami Balmet is the host of this encouraging podcast mamas and homemakers. I’m a subscriber to Jami’s blog’s newsletter and a few months ago she sent out a newsletter asking who was interested in getting email specifically about blogging. I of course said yes and I also jumped into your Facebook group for Christian bloggers. Jami is so insanely sweet and generous and a rockstar mama! She has two sets of twin boys and just a few weeks ago had baby #5, a girl, and is continuing to rock her blog and online businesses, where she and her husband both work full time. Her podcast is just as genuine and encouraging as Jami is in her blog posts and Facebook chats, I promise you will love listening to her!
My Favorite Episodes: Developing a Scripture-Based Family Mission Statement, When You are Called to be a mentor (regardless of your age), Finding Joy in All Aspects of My Life

IF:Gathering Podcast

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In just a few weeks I am actually attending the local IF:Gathering, which is how I found their podcast, and I am so super excited. I have never gone before but I’ve heard great things and a bunch of ladies from my church campus are going as well. Many of the podcast episodes are interviews with women who work with the IF:Gathering organization and then there are episodes that were live presentations at conferences. Everything from IF:Gathering is inspiring and gets you thinking about your faith and your community.
My Favorite Episodes: Presence Series || Quieting the Voices: Shutting Out the Nosy World, Presence Series || Being Fully Present in your Community

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Kat Lee hosts this inspiring and uplifting podcast for mamas. She provides listeners with practical tips, encouragement, and engaging interviews with fellow mamas. I love the practicality of the lessons in each episode, each podcast episode provides you with ideas that you can immediately put into action in your own family. 
My Favorite Episodes: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood with Mandy Arioto

Coffee + Crumbs Podcast

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You’re probably familiar with the popular Coffee + Crumbs motherhood blog where real-life motherhood is written about with a storytelling-quality that is truly unique and almost magical. The podcast is nothing different; it is full of joy, encouragement, inspiration, and truth.
My Favorite Episodes: The Broken Way with Ann Voskamp

The Boss Mom Podcast

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This podcast is geared towards moms who own their own business but I wanted to include it because it is one my favorite business-centered podcasts and one of the few that is made specifically for moms. Each episode, where it’s interview-style or with just a single host, is engaging, joyful, practical, encouraging, and just plain fun. Whether you are a mom who blogs or who owns an online store or something in between, this podcast is a must-listen to.
My Favorite Episodes: All Things Sales Funnels with Dana and Expert Dawn Marrs, Social Media Smorgasbord, What are your funnel feeders?, How to step out and speak in public with Carrie Sharp, How I plan and Write Content for my email list with Dana

A Mom’s Mission Field

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This is another podcast that is just so encouraging to moms, it doesn’t make you feel bad because you don’t do something but rather it simply inspires you to be a better mom. Host Tiffany Castleberry interviews inspiring fellow moms about faith and about motherhood and parenting and it’s another one of those podcasts for moms that is just sweet and uplifting.
My Favorite Episodes: Living an Upside-Down Life: Kayla Craig

The Simple Show

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Well known author and blogger Tsh Oxenreider is the host of this motivating and refreshing podcast about living life more intentionally and living slow. She keeps things light and fun as she interviews guests on a variety of topics, from travel (she’s lived all over the world!) to simple living, home atmosphere to community. I recently read Tsh’s book Notes from a Blue Bike and not only did it inspire me to make some changes, I totally fell in love with Tsh’s writing style. (P.S. I’m thinking of coming up with a way to do an online book club type thing and starting with this book. Comment below if you’d be up for that!). Her podcast is just like her writing style and her personality, relatable, pleasant, and genuine.
My Favorite Episodes: Routines, Golden Hours, & Makers Schedules

The Lively Show

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I’ve been a fan of Jess Lively for quite awhile now, in fact I even have a guest post from here in my blog archives! Jess is like the queen of intentional living and has inspired much of how I teach intentional living. Jess’s podcast is not geared directly to moms and homemakers but almost every episode has something that we can apply to our lives as homemakers. 
My Favorite Episodes: A Magic Hour with Erin Loechner

The History Chicks

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This is another podcast that I’ve been listening to off and on for a few years because like I’ve said, I’m a history nerd. Beckett and Susan research and share long (most are at least an hour, many episodes are close to two hours and/or have multiple parts) life histories of women throughout history. Sometimes they get a little too feminist-y for me but they find so much unique and hard-to-find information that it totally makes up for it. I love pretty much every episode they’ve ever made!
My Favorite Episodes: Lucille Ball Part One & Two, Agatha Christie

God Centered Mom Podcast

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This podcast reminds me a bit of Cultivating the Lovely or A Mom’s Mission Field, it’s a faith-based podcast made specifically for mamas. Heather interviews inspiring women like Sally Clarkson, Shauna Niequist, and others on topics that all moms can relate to. There are a lot of episodes related to parenting and many on that moms can apply to their own lives (like mom friends or if you are an angry mom).
My Favorite Episodes: Overcoming Insecurity in Friendships with Renee Swope

At Home with Sally

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I didn’t think I was going to be a big fan of this podcast when I first sat down to listen to it but I was instantly hooked. There’s something so soothing about Sally, whether it’s her voice or her wisdom, I don’t know but she makes you feel cozy, like you’re sitting across from her as she pours wisdom and encouragement into your soul. Just listen, I promise you’ll walk away inspired and refreshed.
My Favorite Episodes: Seeing Mealtimes as a Special Training Ground, Encouragement for the Imperfect

And as a bonus I have a few awesome podcasts that you can put on to entertain your kiddos (wellll I find most of them entertaining too, ha!). 

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd Official Podcast
Story Pirates Podcast
But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids
Stories Podcast
Disney Story Central Podcast

Am I missing any awesome podcasts for homemakers?? Have you listened to podcasts with your toddlers? What do they enjoy listening to?