Must Have Apps for Moms

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Lately I have been working on being more “present” with my boys during the day which means less time on my phone and more eye contact. Don’t get me wrong, I still use my phone a lot. Baby steps, people (Now I’m thinking about What About Bob?). But I am trying to be more intentional when I’m on my phone, having things I want to accomplish rather than just opening up my phone and wondering around. That means I need to have apps that have a purpose rather than ones that only waste time.

I’ve put together a list of fifteen apps that all moms should have on their phones. I have more than just these 15 apps on my phone but some of them are more for blogging or irrelevant to most moms so they didn’t make the cut for this list.

Fifteen Must Have Apps for Moms

1. Cozi Calendar App

So I really like keeping a paper calendar but my husband is really bad at remembering to tell me about events and appointments so we needed to find an option with a shared calendar that alerted one of us when the other put an event into the calendar. Enter Cozi. We love having a Cozi account, we can label who needs to be at each event, set reminders, and we have it set to email us when an event is added. Seth and I each have our own account for our shared family calendar and it has basically been a lifesaver. You can also use Cozi on your computer and that’s been really helpful as well. Within the app you can even make a grocery/shopping list that everyone can see and add to and you can meal plan right on your shared calendar. [affiliate link] Create a Cozi account for the whole family today, ,and keep your family's schedules and lists organized in one shared calendar! It's FREE!

2. AnyList

This is my favorite to-do list app in the App Store! I’ve probably tried just about all the list apps available and without a doubt, AnyList is my favorite. You can choose different types of lists, Categorized, Basic, Grocery, and Custom Lists and the Grocery List option is absolutely amazing! All you have to do is type in an ingredient and AnyList automatically throws it into the correct category for you! It also looks great and is easy to navigate, both of which are absolute essentials for me if I’m going to be regularly using an app. I did upgrade to the premium account so that I could use it for menu planning. When you upgrade, you can put complete recipes into the Recipes section and once you decide which ones you want on your menu plan, put them onto the meal plan calendar and then automatically add the ingredients onto your grocery list. It really is fantastic!

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is where I find the majority of my recipes and where I find helpful blog posts to read on motherhood, health, etc. Follow me on Pinterest and check out my food boards, almost all of them have over one thousand pins so there’s bound to be something for you to make for dinner. 

4. Facebook

I upload almost all of the photos I take of the boys to Facebook so that I never lose them and we have a handful of family and friends who don’t live locally so they always appreciate catching up with us on Facebook.

5. Instagram

Yeah, I love Instagram. It’s a great source of creative inspiration and a wonderful way to connect with other mamas. I’ve met some really cool ladies through Instagram! P.S. My Facebook group, Healthy, Happy Homes is also on Instagram!

6. ArtKive

I just found this app so I haven’t ordered anything from it yet but I plan to soon! On ArtKive you can keep photos of your kids’ artwork and then order a book full of the photos you took so that you never lose those precious little paintings and drawings.


7. Lose It!

I’m slowly working on losing the baby weight so if you are working on losing weight as well, Lose It! is a great option for tracking calories. It’s very easy to navigate and looks very nice and I love the charts it puts together for you. I also like how it shows you how you’ve done during the entire week and shows you if you're within your weekly calorie limit. So you can have an over-calorie day if you were really good on another day. I just use the free version, I haven’t yet upgraded.

8. Sprout Baby+

This is an absolute must have for new moms and for moms who are breastfeeding. Like most moms, I had absolutely zero memory cells left in my brain the first month or so of Daniel’s life. I couldn’t even keep track of when he last ate and because each side has more than enough milk for each feeding, I could never remember which side he had last eaten on. On Sprout Baby I could keep track of the length of his feedings and when they took place and which side he ate on. It also has a space for you to track diapers and sleep, things that doctors always ask about during those first few weeks. Now that Daniel’s older I still use the feeding tracker to help me remember sides. Yeah, still no memory.

9. FlipBoard

FlipBoard is perfect for flipping through when you have just a few minutes (or seconds) to spare. You tell the app what you want to read about and then it only gives you articles and posts on those topics. And you only need one hand to use it!

10. She Reads Truth

For regular Bible reading I prefer to use the YouVersion app but She Reads Truth has fantastic Bible studies, written for women, on all topics and they have really pretty lock screen wallpapers you can download for free. 

11. Netflix

Yup. We would not be able to eat out at restaurants with the boys if we couldn’t put StoryBots on for William. Netflix is literally a lifesaver.

12. Bible for Kids

I mentioned this app in my post Simple Ways to Bring Jesus Into Your Child’s Day. It’s made by the folks at YouVersion and is absolutely fantastic. It’s interactive, fun, and there’s even a narrator so even your youngest kiddos can enjoy hearing the Bible stories. I also recommend using it to teach your child the Bible story each week in Little City Tot School.

13. Cartwheel

I got a mug for Christmas that says “coffee, yoga pants, messy buns, Target, #momlife” because most weeks we visit target a minimum of three times. The Cartwheel app has seriously helped me save money at Target and I love that it gives you a map of your store to show you where the items are that you saved in the app.

14. Starbucks

I just started using the Starbucks app a few months ago and it’s great! You can earn free refills, birthday treats, and all kinds of stuff. The one downside is that you can’t just scan your barcode and then pay with debit or cash, in order to get the points you have to load up your Starbucks’ “card” (your account on the app) and then pay using that. 

15. Spotify

My hubby got us a family account a couple of months ago and it’s been so awesome! We can download our favorite playlists and songs for playing offline. I hate sitting around the house in silence so if we aren’t watching tv or listening to a podcast, we have music on and when we have guests we like to play music in the background. We can also airplay onto our AppleTV which is handy. I’ve even put together a bedtime playlist for Daniel full of instrumental hymns, lullabies, and modern instrumental worship music.

What apps do you use regularly? Are there any that I’m missing?