My Morning Routine To Stay Sane as a Stay-at-Home Mom and Homemaker

“Daddy’s car-way!”

There’s are just some of the way our toddler wakes us up in the morning. None of those are super ideal, right? 

While his little brother was still a newborn/infant, I definitely slept as long as the boys would let me. When your baby is waking up multiple times at night, you need all the sleep you can get. And that’s okay! I promise, it’s just for a season! 

After the baby started sleeping better (he’s still not great, he sleeps well but he just likes to eat all day and night long still) I gave myself a few weeks to enjoy the little bit of extra sleep and then I wrote up an idea for a morning routine.

I desperately missed (and needed) some time to myself during the day, where no one was climbing on me or screaming for my attention. My personality is one that needs a pretty decent amount of self-care time to recharge and feel refreshed. I knew I needed to create a relaxing (but productive) morning routine.

I started out by listing the things I wanted to accomplish before the boys woke up in the morning. 
Bible study time
Pack Seth’s lunch
Drink some tea

Those were the four most important things for me to include in my routine. After figuring out the average time that the boys woke up (around 7am), I decided to start my days at 6am. I start by going downstairs, putting the kettle on, packing Seth’s lunch, and then doing my scripture study for the day (I create a scripture study every month exclusively for members of my Facebook group).  If I have enough time, I shower before the boys wake up and sometimes I even have time to do my makeup and get dressed for the day.  

Occasionally, the baby will wake up early and join me for my morning routine but most days when that happens, he’s pretty content just playing and crawling around. I much prefer when it’s just me in the morning, but for the most part he’s a chill baby and lets me get on with my routine.

Below, I put together a video for you, explaining my morning routine. Stick around for the end of the post where you can get a free scripture study on joy to do in the mornings. 

I do this routine most days of the week except for Sundays when we have to leave for church by 8:40 so I simply wake up by 6:30 and immediately start getting ready for the day, that way we aren’t late for church. My usual routine also does not happen if the baby was up more than usual throughout the night, sleep needs to be a priority for otherwise my anxiety skyrockets. 

When I am able to have my ideal morning routine, my mood is so much better throughout the day. I find that I am much more patient, more relaxed, and more prepared for what the day has in store for me. 


1. Figure out when your kids normally wake up in the morning.
2. Make a list of what you want to accomplish in the morning to help you feel ready to tackle the day.
3. Look at what you want to accomplish in the morning and figure out how much time you need. Count backwards from when your kiddos normally wake up and there is your wake up time!

It’s super simple to create a morning routine and it can include whatever you want! Maybe you just need 15 minutes in the morning to brew a cup of coffee and get a few sips in before the kids wake up. Maybe you need a full two hours before the kids wake up so you can get some work done and get dressed for the day before the kids get up. Figure out what you need, and make it work. 

As I mentioned, spending time in the Word is a priority for me in the mornings, it helps to keep me grounded throughout the day. I’ve talked about scripture studies before, they are hands down my favorite way to get yourself familiar with the Bible. Every month I create a free scripture study for members of my Facebook group The Joyful Homemakers. To get a feel for scripture studies, I have a free scripture study full of verses about “joy” in the resource library. Don’t have access to the resource library? Click here to signup and you’ll get info on how to log into the free resource library. Once you are in the library, the scripture study is under the “faith” resources section. EnJOY! (see what I did there?? 😉)