How Menu Planning Can Change Your Family's Life

Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time I didn’t get around to meal planning before the only time that I had to go grocery shopping, so I had to go grocery shopping with almost no list. I reach the grocery store and before I know it, my grocery cart is magically full of everything that looked yummy or interesting. I have so much fun shopping and then comes the checkout line. I anxiously put everything up on the conveyor belt hoping that I didn’t go over the budget. I watch the cashier scan the items and before I know it, I’m almost $50 over budget! Okay, we can make this work, we’ll shuffle some money around and I’ll just do discount grocery stores the next week. I get everything home and put away only to find that I barely have any meal possibilities from all of the things that I had bought. I’m over budget and still needing to pick up a few more ingredients to make complete dishes.

Now let’s hear another little story.

Once upon a time, on a Thursday, I spent my toddler’s nap time planning out the next week’s menu and compiling a grocery list. We come to Friday, grocery shopping day. I reach the grocery store and fill my cart with only the items on my grocery list (okay and maybe one or two extra items), head to the checkout, and without breaking a sweat I found that not only did I not go over budget, I was actually under budget. All of our foods to make complete meals and money left over. Over the week I’m able to have dinner ready every night because I knew ahead of time what I would be making and prepped the items that could be prepared early. And we lived happily ever after.

The second story is much nicer, isn’t it? @@Meal planning has this magic ability to save you money@@, make your week less stressful, and you’ll end up eating healthier too! I have a bunch of meal planning, meal prepping, and similar posts right here on Little City Adventures. My very favorite post on meal planning is my post “6 Meal Planning Methods” which includes four printable meal plans (with directions on how to complete each method).

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