Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Essentials: Maternity Edition

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It is kind of annoying that you have to buy all new clothes that you're really only going to wear for a short time, I get it. But get a few maternity staples and you will be much more comfortable as your bump grows. In my first pregnancy I was able to get away with wearing non-maternity but slightly longer shirts for much of the pregnancy so that made things easier on my budget. At the end of my first pregnancy I got rid of all my maternity clothes because I was so sure that it would be a few years before we had another baby and I didn't want to hang on to them for that long. Dumb move. 🤦🏼‍♀️I got pregnant again when our first was about 17-months-old and since it was my second, I was in maternity clothes much sooner; I had to rebuy my maternity wardrobe. I learned my lesson and after having my first I saved all of my favorite pieces (like jeans because maternity jeans can get pricey!) so I wasn't starting from scratch with my third pregnancy. I still had to go and buy a few things because after 3 pregnancies, I've finally figured out what all I need in my maternity wardrobe. 

As I said, you really just need to get a few staple items for your maternity wardrobe; don't go and buy a whole second wardrobe! Chances are some of your non-maternity pieces will work for you for much of your pregnancy if not the whole way through. I have a few dresses that work when I'm not pregnant as well as when I am pregnant and I try to buy maternity pieces that can also work when not pregnant (like this dress I found at Motherhood Maternity, it's not an obvious maternity dress so it will work after baby girl is born, which made the higher price tag more reasonable for our budget). 

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It took me until my third pregnancy to really know what I needed and I'm sure some of you are in the same boat, so I have put together a list of maternity wardrobe essentials for stay-at-home moms, to give you one less thing to think about (or maybe you were like me and got rid of all your clothes because you didn't think you would need them so soon OR maybe you're having a surprise baby and it's been awhile since your last pregnancy so you need a reminder of what you need). I did not add seasonal items to the list, but if you are pregnant over the winter, you will also need a maternity coat (unless you have a non-maternity coat that will fit over your bump) and if you are pregnant over the summer, you will likely need a pair of maternity shorts. I also kept the list exclusively for clothing, but there are some non-clothing wardrobe essentials and you can find those in my blog post Stay-at-Home Mom Wardrobe Essentials. To give you one less thing to think about, check out my list of maternity wardrobe essentials, below.

Stay-at-Home Mom Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

Your #maternity #style staples if you are a #SAHM #stayathomemom #bumpstyle

1. Maternity t-shirt

When I was picking up a few new t-shirts I heard a mama who was early in her first pregnancy, question her friend who recommended she grab a few of these. Maternity t-shirts are made especially to fit comfortably over your bump and they have extra length on them so they will reach under your belly (which is always extra good for me because I tend to carry my babies super low so even if a non-maternity shirt does fit, it's not long enough to fit over my low bump). [affiliate link] Check out the shirt pictured, by clicking here.

2. maternity blouse

One item that I keep finding I need is just one nice maternity blouse, to wear to things like church or date nights. I did have some maternity blouses that fit me into my second trimester but now that I'm in my third, they just don't have enough length on them and I can no longer wear them. But I only have like 8 weeks left so it's not worth buying one. As a stay-at-home mom, you only need one or two maternity blouses. Check out the blouse pictured, by clicking here.

3. Maternity Tank Top

In my first pregnancy I thought maternity tank tops were just a waste of money. Then my bump got so big in my third trimester that my non-maternity tank tops only reached to my belly button, leaving a funny looking line under my t-shirts and dresses. I've even found that maternity tank tops are awesome after you have baby because it's always good to have a little extra length when you're chasing the kids around the park. [affiliate link] Check out the tank top pictured, by clicking here.

4. Longer cardigan

During my first trimester, my non-maternity/regular length cardigans work just fine but as my bump grows, they just hit my belly at a weird spot and it just looks a little "off" because of the length; a big part of that is because I carry so low. I recommend grabbing one or two longer cardigans or open-front sweaters for your maternity wardrobe. These are pieces that will also work after baby, which is a nice bonus. [affiliate link] Check out the cardigan pictured, by clicking here.

5. Maternity leggings

I will say that you don't strictly need maternity leggings, you can go with non-maternity leggings if they have enough stretch, but the extra support over your belly as really nice. If you are using non-maternity leggings and they don't reach over your belly, just roll them down so they sit under your belly. [affiliate link] Check out the leggings pictured, by clicking here.

6. High-waisted skirt

Be sure to grab a skirt that has a stretchy, elastic waistband so that you can get away with a non-maternity skirt that can be worn during and after your pregnancy. It's super cute if you pull up your skirt over your bump and then grab a non-maternity top and knot it above/over the skirt or tuck it in and belt it over the skirt (see an example of that here). This is a really versatile look that you can wear in just about every season and every stage of life. [affiliate link] Check out the skirt pictured, by clicking here.

7. Maternity jeans

Due to bloating, you may actually need to wear maternity jeans pretty early on (or you can use a BellaBand like I mention in my Pregnancy Essentials post). I prefer maternity jeans where the elastic belly support reaches up over my belly, rather than just being a few inches high; when the band sits above the biggest part of your bump, your bump will help your jeans stay-at-up. [affiliate link] Check out the jeans pictured, by clicking here.

8. Casual dress

Even if you are pregnant mostly during the fall and winter, you'll love having a comfy casual dress on-hand, you can always wear leggings underneath and a cardigan over top to help you stay warm. This item is another that can be a non-maternity or maternity item, you just want to look for a dress with some extra length if you go with a non-maternity dress. [affiliate link] Check out the dress pictured, by clicking here.

9. dressy dress

It's also handy to have one nicer dress on hand, I've needed one at least once in each of my pregnancies. You may need it to attend a wedding, to wear to Easter at church, or for a fancy night out (the dress I mentioned earlier, I wore to a play opening). Unless you need a nicer dress to wear many times during your pregnancy, I highly recommend finding a dress that will work after baby, since dressier dresses tend to be a bit pricier. [affiliate link] Check out the dress pictured, by clicking here.


Are there any other clothing items that you consider essential for your maternity wardrobe? Where do you love to shop for maternity clothes? Comment below and let me know! And me in your maternity fashion posts on Instagram (@abbybarstow) to give me some style inspiration! And you can find some more style inspiration on my Pinterest board, Mom Style.

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