5 Tips for Hosting a Joy-Filled Thanksgiving

These #tips for #hosting #Thanksgiving are so helpful! It is totally possible to have a JOY-FILLED #ThanksgivingDinner if you plan, ask for help, accommodate all diets, have a clean plan, and keep it your style. #HappyThanksgiving!

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Anyone else love hosting holidays and events? Anyone else love hosting because they have an OCD need for control? No? Just me………
I do like to make sure that everything is just right but I’ve also learned, after hosting a few holidays, that typically, something doesn’t go “quite right.” Things may not go completely wrong per say, but there’s usually something that happens that’s not how you pictured it. 

With Thanksgiving coming, it’s important to prepare yourself that not everything may go absolutely perfect. But there are things you can do to help keep things JOY-FILLED this Thanksgiving.

5 Tips for Hosting a Joy-Filled Thanksgiving


1. Plan, plan, plan

Less things are bound to go wrong if you go into Thanksgiving with a plan. A few years back I put together a big ‘ol Thanksgiving planning guide and it’s totally free. The guide walks you through planning your menu, creating a prepping calendar, and even has decor ideas! If you’re looking for more, Country Living has some great Thanksgiving tips for you, as well. 


2. Ask for help

This is a lesson I have learned well since becoming a mom, it’s a good lesson for all of the time, not just at holidays. Save yourself some stress (and time) over Thanksgiving and ask for help. Ask a friend or family member to come early to dinner to help you with the cooking and prepping, ask your dinner guests to each bring a dish to share, and/or be sure to ask your guests to help with some of the clean up (sometimes people to really think to ask but they mean well and just need to be told that you need help). 


3. Accommodate all diets

I know, it gets annoying to deal with all of the fad diets and what not, but if everyone can eat, everything will be much more JOYFUL. I’m one of those people who eats gluten-free even though I don’t have Celiac Disease or anything, I just feel better without gluten in my body. I’m also allergic to dairy so I do my best to stay dairy- and gluten-free which can make me an annoying dinner guest. Luckily, I have the sweetest friends and they always go out of their way to make sure there is at least something I can eat. Do you have a guest coming who is on a special diet (whether it’s an allergy or just a preference)? Make their day and be sure to have something they can eat. If you’re not sure of your guests’ diets, just ask!

4. Have a Clean-Up Plan

Will you load the dishwasher directly after your Thanksgiving meal? Or will you just ask guests to pile them in the kitchen? Go in with a plan to make your clean-up more efficient so that you can spend more time with your friends and family. I recommend trying to have the dishwasher completely empty so that when you finish your meal, everything can go directly into the dishwasher. And you can get super cute Thanksgiving-themed paper plates for dessert to save on clean-up. [affiliate links] Paper plates for your Thanksgiving table: Fall Leaf Plates, Thankful Plates, Thankful & Blessed Plates, Leaf Plates, Pumpkin Plates


5. Keep It Your Style

If you have a more relaxed personality and aren’t big on color coordinating all of the decorations, that is totally okay! Don’t feel pressured to put together a fancy dinner table if that’s not your style, it will only end up stressing you out. If you’re stressed out, your guests will be stressed out. On the other hand, if it stresses you out to not have a perfectly set table, then go ahead and get all fancy! You do you, mama!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? How are you going to keep your holiday filled with JOY?