#iamajoyfulhomemaker Instagram Campaign

Announcing the first Joyful Homemaker Instagram Campaign! Ya’ll, I am EX.CITE.ED. for this. One of my passions is to help young mamas and homemakers find JOY in their roles and I do that with helpful courses, blog posts to aid in motherhood and homemaking, and now I am excited to announce the first Instagram campaign to spread joy amongst mamas and homemakers! 

In my resource library you may have seen the desktop wallpapers that say “I am a joyful homemaker” that you can put on your computer or phone wallpaper to help encourage you to be joyful and to show that you are proud of your role as a homemaker. I am now taking that idea to Instagram with the hashtag #iamajoyfulhomemaker. My hope is that this campaign not only spreads joy but also helps you meet fellow moms and homemakers. And it will just be plain fun. 

The Instagram campaign takes place from Monday, June 26th through Wednesday, June 28th. Each day of the campaign I will have a special prompt to help guide you in what type of photos go along with the hashtag.

In case you’re like me and like to plan ahead a little bit, here are the prompts for the campaign:

Monday 26th - Your Joyful Face. Introduce us to you, the joyful homemaker!
Tuesday 27th - A Joyful Space. Show us a space in your home that brings you and your family joy. It can be a corner, one piece of decor, an entire room, or your entire house!
Wednesday 28th - A Joyful Task. Share a photo of your favorite homemaking tasks. Not a fan of any homemaking task? Share a task that you are great at, whether you like it or not, or share a photo of how you make tasks more enjoyable/joyful. 

Sign up here to get daily reminders during the campaign and to get a special heads up on future #iamajoyfulhomemaker special campaigns. When you sign up for email reminders I will also send you a free Instagram cheat sheet to help you capture and share your family memories. 

Below, are a few fellow mamas, homemakers, bloggers, and influencers who will be co-hosting the campaign with me! Click on their photos to visit them on Instagram and give them a follow to see what they are posting during the campaign.

Share your photos during the campaign using #iamajoyfulhomemaker and I’ll share my favorites on my profile! Be sure to tag me (@abbybarstow) so I don’t miss your photo!

If you are finding this post after the campaign has already taken place, don’t worry! You can still sign up here to find out about any future campaigns and you can use the hashtag at anytime, not just during campaigns. The campaigns are just an extra special time to spread joy and connect with others but you can use #iamajoyfulhomemaker anytime!

I know you are just as excited as I am so, after you sign up for email reminders, head over to the Facebook Group The Joyful Homemakers and let us know that you are joining us on Instagram.