How to Start When Housework is Overwhelming

we’ve all been there. tips to help you START when housework (cleaning) are overwhelming

We’ve all been there. Life has been crazy; you’re extra busy and the kids have been handfuls. Housework fell to the wayside because you had more important things to do. But now life has calmed down and gone back to normal and you realize that your house is a scary hot mess.


Just thinking about that is making stressed.

We have all gotten to a point where we are just overwhelmed by housework. First of all, it’s okay if every once in a while you put other things ahead of housework, there are more important things in life! Second of all, it is possible to push aside those feelings of overwhelm and get things back in order.

But how do you start when things are such a mess that you don’t know where to start?

How to Start When Housework is Overwhelming

1 - Make a List

Grab a notebook and just write down every single thing that needs to be done (try not to get distracted with random tasks, stay focused on housework). Your list may be very long but don’t let that discourage you!

2 - Rewrite the List by Priority

Tear that list out of your notebook and lay it down beside your notebook. Look at your list and decide which item is the most important and write that at the top of your new list and continue on from there, down to the least important item. Writing down your list in order of priority will ensure that you get the important things done first that way, in case you run out of time, you will have gotten the most important things completed.

3 - Choose Tasks to Delegate

Grab a couple of different colors of highlighters and assign a color for each person in your house (unless they are super little, babies don’t need to help haha) and go through your list and assign each person tasks. You need to delegate so you don’t go totally crazy.

4 - Write a List for Each Person

You’ve chosen tasks for each person in your house and now it’s time to write them their own list. Make sure you write down their tasks in order of priority.

5 - Get Started!

Grab your list and get started! Put on some fun music and get cleaning! If you are competitive, time yourself and try to get your tasks done within a certain amount of time. And/or you can have a race against the rest of your family and the winner gets to choose somewhere to go for dinner or for ice cream.

6 - Create new systems

Once you are all caught up on housework, reward yourself by creating new systems (seriously, I love creating them so that would be a reward for myself 😂). Figure out a new/updated cleaning routine, laundry system, and whatever other systems you need to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed by housework nearly as often.

Breaking down the overwhelming task (cleaning the whole house) into smaller, easier to complete tasks is going to help you get things done faster, you won’t feel as overwhelmed, and you will be more motivated to get these smaller, more detailed tasks completed.

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