Recipe | Hot Chocolate S'mores Brownies

On Saturday, I shared a recipe for epic

Snack Attack Cookies

which combine a bunch of your favorite snack foods in a cookie. Today, I've got another epic combination recipe.

Hot Chocolate S'mores Brownies.


Yes. Hot Chocolate S'mores Brownies.

But Abby, brownies are always chocolate-y. So what makes these hot chocoalte-y?

These brownies are dense and chewy and reminiscent of hot chocolate. I'm serious. You know that super chocolate-y hot chocolate taste? Well it's in these brownies. Just make them and you'll see what I mean.

Oh if you're craving s'mores you should totes make these brownies. But if you still want legit s'mores and it's too cold outside, you can totally makes'mores indoors. Or you can make S'mores Popcorn! Oh, oh, oh or you could make S'mores Ice Cream Parfaitsif it's a little warmer outside. Apparently I've got a thing for s'mores inspired recipes. I also have a few other epic brownie recipes, my favorite one being theChocolate Chip Cream Cheese Brownies.

Hot Chocolate S'mores Brownies

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