Why I Stopped Making Homemade Baby Food

Don't feel pressured to make #homemade #babyfood if it's not working out for you. There are plenty of great options at the store to feed to your #baby

When I first found out that I was pregnant I had all of these plans for how I could be the perfect mom. I was going to sew adorable little t-shirts and ties for William and make all of my own cleaning supplies and make all of William's baby food. All of those plans were made when I was six or seven week pregnant, before all of my symptoms started. By eight weeks I was exhausted. I would go to work then come home and sleep. The entire first trimester I was so nauseous and had so many food aversions that all I could eat was cheese and crackers. I started to beat myself up because I wasn't starting to sew little baby blankets or puree and freeze baby food for the future. By the time I finally had the energy to start making baby food there was only a few weeks until my due date. 

It's okay to NOT make #homemade #babyfood. You do what works for you!

Since I didn't have time to pre-make and freeze all that much baby food before William came I just decided that I would make it after he came, that would be a fun activity to do while he was napping or during those unmobile stages. Then I had an unplanned c-section. And my kid decided to start being somewhat mobile at like four months old. Once William started the first stage of eating solids I had maybe three or four different types of foods pureed and frozen for him. I quickly ran out of food and had to buy his food from the grocery store (insert sarcastic gasp).

I started beating myself up that I didn't have enough homemade baby food on hand. But that was ridiculous! I wasn't failing my son just because I didn't puree the carrots he was eating and bought them at the store instead. There wasn't any difference between what I was buying at the store and what I was making at home. The grocery store stocks multiple brands of organic baby foods at affordable prices. "Giving in" and buying the food from the store ended up saving me so much time and stress. Out of all of the things that I already had to be stressed over, William's baby food was not something that needed to be added to the list.

Not only did buying his baby food save me time and stress, it also gave William the chance to try many different foods that I never would have even thought of mixing in with his foods. Not only would I not have thought to mix in some of these foods, I wouldn't even know how. William has tried foods like quinoa and amaranth and chicken. I would not have one clue about how to go about pureeing chicken. 

So mama, I give you permission to buy baby's food from the grocery store. There is nothing wrong with buying it. You are not failing as a mother just because Pinterest says that you have to make every single thing from scratch. I promise that your child will not know the difference. Do what is best for you and your family!