My Grocery Shopping + Food Prepping Routine

I love grocery shopping. I know, I’m on the abnormal end of the spectrum. But I really love grocery shopping. I literally plan my entire Friday around grocery shopping and food prepping. My two favorite activities. Seriously, it’s like all the heart eyes. 

My grocery shopping and food prepping routine may not be for you. You may look at it and say, “Yo, Abby. You are legit crazy!” Well, you may not say like that but you’re thinking it. You’re not wrong. ;) 

Just like with menu planning, there is no one right way to grocery shop and food prep. You may order from a service that sends your ingredients and meal plan straight to your door or maybe you hate food prepping so you just make your meals each night. Or maybe you meal plan and food prep but have your groceries delivered. Do whatever works for you! 

My grocery shopping and food prepping routine is perfect for stay-at-home moms who have the time to visit multiple grocery stores in one morning and then food prep in that same day. It even works if you have tiny little ones, like I do! 

Watch the video below to come grocery shopping with me and see my entire food prepping routine. And don’t forget to grab your freebie, that I mention in the video, in the resource library. 


I try to leave the house no later than 10am, I like to get all of my errands in before the boys’ nap time. The way our area is set up, I’m able to drive all the way down one main road to Aldi and then on my way back up I can stop at other groceries stores for anything else we need. I shop at multiple stores so that I can get the best prices and because like I said, I love grocery shopping. 

On the day that I filmed this video, I went to the “fancy” Aldi in our area. This Aldi has double wide carts and it is amazing. If you’re shopping with a baby and a toddler I highly recommend wearing the baby, whether it’s in a wrap or a carrier, when you have a large amount of groceries to buy/when the cart only has one seat in it. 

Once home I put away the groceries and got lunch and put the boys in their rooms to nap for two hours. 

While the boys were in their rooms I started prepping. 


When deciding what to prep, pull out your menu plan and write down anything that can be made ahead of time. That’s things like baked chicken/meats, pasta/rice, baked goods, etc. And don’t forget to add things like chopped veggies to your prep list. Here’s an example:
Meals: Baked Chicken Fajitas, Baked Oatmeal, Garden Salad, Burgers and Roasted Veggies.
Prep List: entire Baked Chicken Fajitas meal, Baked Oatmeal, chop veggies for salad, make salad dressing, make croutons for salad, roast veggies, chop burger toppings.

I spent a few hours prepping, the boys woke up while I was still prepping but they were both pretty content to just play in the living room or in the playroom so I was able to continue prepping without too much interruption. 

I prep everything possible. You could do something easier like prep freezer meals, there’s tons of pins on Pinterest that have directions for prepping a ton of freezer meals in an hour or two. Or you could just do the things like chopping veggies and not full on cooking. Whatever works for you, do that! 

I hope you enjoyed coming grocery shopping with me! I had fun filming it and putting it all together for you. I’d love to hear about your grocery shopping and food prepping routine, comment below and tell me. 

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