Mama's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas gift ideas for your husband, best mom friend, family friends, teachers, babysitter, and neighbors! #giftguide #christmas #giftideas
Christmas gift ideas for all the kids! #giftideas #giftguide #christmas #babygifts #toddlergifts

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This post was updated on 11/29/18

It’s that time of year, again! Time to plan out Christmas gifts and get ready to spread some Christmas joy. I have actually completely finished shopping for my kids, minus a few stocking stuffers, and it’s the last day of November that I am typing this blog post. I even bought the wrapping paper and have all the gifts waiting in their shipping boxes for a kid-free night when I can start wrapping their gifts. This is the first year that I am this ahead of the game and I’m going to enjoy it because in another week I will probably be behind on gifts for everyone else. 🤦🏼‍♀️

What is your system for Christmas gift planning/shopping? I created a Trello board (no shock there since I’m obsessed with Trello) with a list of every person on my shopping list and each person has their own card on the list. Inside their card I have a list of gift ideas, links to inspiration or the actual gift, and the cost. This has helped me to keep everything straight and ensured that I didn’t forget about anyone and makes sure that I don’t forget who each gift belongs to. Comment with your Christmas gift system so we can all get some planning ideas!

Now, it’s time for you to close Pinterest, stop anxiously searching through Amazon, and don’t even worry about heading to the mall because I have all the gift ideas you need! Shop gift ideas for your husband, your best mom friend, family friends, teachers, grandparents, babysitter, neighbors, and all of your little kids. Share what gifts you are buying this year, in the comments section.

mama’s ultimate gift guide

for your husband

[affiliate link] Trophy Dad Mug - show your coffee (or tea!) loving husband how much you and the kids appreciate him with this cool mug.
[affiliate link] Star Wars T-Shirt - if you husband is as big of a Star Wars fan as mine is, he will love this shirt! It would also roll up well to fit in his stocking.
[affiliate link] Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder - I don’t know how practical this gift is but it is super fun!
[affiliate link] Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines - I got this book for my husband last year and he really enjoyed it!

for your best mom friend

Best Friend Alpaca Mug - My long-distance bestie and I got each other mugs with the state we each live in and heart over the city we each reside in and sent them to each other. I’m thinking we each need one of these beyond adorable mugs!
Stress Away Roll-On - Give her a gift to help her escape from the stress of mom life and that will help her relax just a little bit. You can learn more about Stress Away and other Young Living products on my other blog, Well & Bright Living.
Savvy Minerals Lip Gloss Set - Savvy Mineral lip glosses are my absolute favorite! They are an amazing quality and have zero yucky ingredients so they are a win, win!


[affiliate link] Essential Oil Diffuser - If you are looking for a gift for an entire family that they will actually use and benefit from, a diffuser is the way to go! You can even add in a bottle of Stress Away oil (which comes in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kits, btw).
Custom Family Portrait - Gift your favorite family a custom portrait for an extra special gift.
[affiliate link] Say Anything Card Game - For a family with slightly older children, give them a gift that they can enjoy together.


Wooden Photo Clip Sign - What grandparent doesn’t love to show off photos of their grandkids?! Give your kids’ grandparents something special to do just that.
Custom Photo Calendar - Another great way for grandparents to show off photos of their favorite kiddos is with a custom calendar. Super easy to make and super cute!
[affiliate link] Custom Framed Photo - Have Framebridge custom frame a family of your little one for your parents to hang on their wall. Their frames are insanely high quality and absolutely gorgeous! You can even pull photos directly from Instagram for them to frame.


Teacher Fuel Mug - If your child’s preschool teacher loves coffee, this is the perfect mug for her/him.
DIY Ruler Art - Any teacher would love this adorable artwork to hang on their wall.


She Believed She Was Loved & It Made Her Brave Journal - Your creative babysitter will love this beautiful and inspiring journal from DaySpring.
Accordion Mini Photo Album - For the babysitter who loves to take photos with your kiddos, put together a mini accordion photo album for her to proudly display.


Thankful Bread - Get the whole family involved in baking some sweet bread for your neighbors and hand them out together.
Succulent Gift Box - I have no green thumb but I do love succulents. Since I can’t keep them alive, I like to give them to other people, haha!
Stovetop Potpourri Mix - You can DIY a stovetop potpourri mix or buy it already made to gift to your neighbors.


Turban Bow Hat - For your stylish baby girl, pick up a turban bow hat from my favorite baby girls headband/hat/bow shop, Turbans for Tots.
Are You There Elephant? Usborne book - we love Usborne books and we get all of them through my lovely friend Jaclyn, you can check out her VIP Facebook group for more Usborne book fun.
[affiliate link] Classic Baby Beads Rattle - I got this for Baby Audrey this year for Christmas, she is obsessed with anything that she can chew on and anything that makes noise.
Little Poppy Co. Bow Subscription - We have a Little Poppy Co. subscription and we absolutely love every bow they send out!
[affiliate link] Teething Toys Set - When babies teeth, all they want is something to chew on so be prepared with plenty of teething toys.
Hand Dyed Shibori Onesie - my long-distance bestie makes adorable hand-dyed baby goods, you will just love them! I really need to get Audrey a knew one, she out grew the one she originally had.


No Drama Llama Shirt - It has a llama on it so that alone makes it awesome.
Wee Baby Stella Sweet Dreams Doll - I actually got this for Audrey this year for Christmas (she will be 7-months-old at Christmas) and she’s a little young for it but I couldn’t help myself. 🙈This would be perfect for a toddler, though!
[affiliate link] Bucket of Farm Animals - My two-year-old loves animals and playing pretend so he loves plastic animals, any two-year-old would love these animals.
[affiliate link] Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy - My two-year-old was very insistent that this go on his Christmas list and I heard from Santa that he will be getting it for Christmas.
[affiliate link] Wooden Tea Set - A must-have for every little girl. Is it weird if I put this on my personal Christmas list?
[affiliate link] Wooden Toy Car and Carrier Truck - These cars are a great quality and little boys will love loading them on the carrier and driving it around.
[affiliate link] Color Wonder Set - Your toddler can color away and you don’t have to worry about them coloring on furniture or their siblings.


[affiliate link] Wooden Dollhouse - I asked my mom if it was too early to buy my 7-month-old a dollhouse and she said it was too early. So maybe I’ll just buy it for myself? Someday I will get Audrey a dollhouse like this and I plan on decorating it with wallpaper, paint, and flooring and making the wooden furniture look extra adorable.
[affiliate link] Duplo Lego Blocks - This year for Christmas we got the boys lots of Duplo Legos since they are growing out of MegaBlocks. There are lots of fun Duplo sets and they even have character-themed ones like Lightening McQueen!
50 States in Every Vehicle and Muddle-and-Match Farm Animals Usborne Books - Yay! More Usborne books! There are a ridiculous amount of books for preschool-aged kiddos and these are just two of our many favorites. My friend Jaclyn talks about most of these books in her Facebook group.
[affiliate link] Pop the Pig Game - My 4-year-old’s speech teacher plays this game often with him and it’s his favorite, he asks about it if she doesn’t have it out already.
God Keeps His Promises Shirt - This shirt comes in many, many different colors and the graphic is just adorable. I got Daniel a different shirt from this shop for Christmas.

all the kids

[affiliate link] Train Table Set - This train table is legit, it comes with all the stuff you see on it and the table!
Matching Sibling Hats - Grab matching hats for your kiddos from Turbans for Tots because they are seriously adorable!
IKEA Play Kitchen - This is the play kitchen that we have and it was the best toy purchase! It is sturdy and well-made and works for little ones and bigger ones. I’ve also seen people customize these kitchens to make them totally unique.

Christmas stocking stuffing ideas for the baby, toddler, preschool, husband, and yourself! #giftguide #christmas #stockingstuffers

mama’s ultimate list of stocking stuffers


[affiliate link] Teething Toys
[affiliate link]
Teething Wafers
[affiliate link]
Hair Bows/Headbands
[affiliate link]
Baby Hats
[affiliate link]
Fun Baby Socks


[affiliate link] Snacks
[affiliate link]
Hot Wheels
[affiliate link]
Pipsticks Stickers
Wooden Memory Card Game
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
Character Bandaids
[affiliate link]
Play Doh Tools
[affiliate link]
Play Doh
[affiliate link] Oil Roller Bottle (with calming oils)
Hair Bows/Headbands/Clips
[affiliate link] Toothbrush
[affiliate link] Toothpaste
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
Bath Toys
[affiliate link] Mini Action Figures


[affiliate link] Bath Toys
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
Color Wonder Markers
Wooden Toy Cars
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
[affiliate link]
Toy Kitchen Food
[affiliate link]
Hair Bows/Headbands


[affiliate link] Tape Measure
[affiliate link] Gift Cards
Leather Key Chain
[affiliate link] Toothbrush
[affiliate link] Toothpaste
[affiliate link] Snacks
[affiliate link] K-Cups
Customized Pocket Knife
[affiliate link] Oil Roller Bottle (with energizing oils)
[affiliate link] Organic Gum
Personalized Golf Balls
[affiliate link] Watch Band
[affiliate link] Fidget Cube
[affiliate link] Natural Deodorant
Natural Hair Styling Gel


[affiliate link] socks
[affiliate link] hair ties
[affiliate link] bobby pins

[affiliate link] colored pencils
[affiliate link] phone case
bath salts/bombs
[affiliate link] Tea/Coffee
Face Masks

Comment below with your Christmas gift planning/shopping system or share it on Instagram and tag me (@abbybarstow) and use #iamajoyfulhomemaker so we can all see it in action!