Recipe for Easy Dutch Oven Lemon Garlic Whole Chicken

My mom gave me a Dutch Oven for Christmas last year but I wasn't able to use it until like two months ago. I was like five weeks pregnant when she gave it to me and I had the worst food aversions with baby #2 (Daniel). I couldn't even cook things for Seth and William to eat. If I thought about certain foods I would gag. Chicken was number one on the very long list of "no, no foods." And lifting a giant crockpot did not sound fun while I was pregnant.

Now that Daniel is almost five months old, I've finally gotten a chance to do some serious cooking in my Dutch Oven and I love it! Probably every other week I roast a whole chicken for dinner and the leftovers make at least four more meals, usually more!

It's a great way to keep your grocery budget low without skimping, especially if you buy the chicken at Aldi. Compared to other groceries stores, I found that Aldi's fresh chicken options were not only cheaper but also better for you and yummier. 

A note about the chicken: I highly recommend using a fresh chicken rather than a frozen. When I use a frozen chicken I find that because it was frozen, even once thawed the insides are a much lower temperature than one that has not been frozen and then it can be hard to tell when it's done, especially at those joints. One incident ended up with a chicken that looked cook and according to the thermometer most of it was cooked but after I let it cool and then sliced into it, blood came out. And because it had sat there cooling for so long, I couldn't really put it back in the oven.

So learn from my mistakes. Just use a fresh chicken, there isn't much of a price difference and it will be tastier and juicier.