DIY Toddler Valentines Craft

In theme with the upcoming holiday, in today's post I have a fun Valentine's-themed craft for you to do with your toddler! I even included it as an activity in this week's Little City Tot School, it's just too cute and fun!

Get out your paint and get ready for funny, messy, cute craft time with your toddler! This is a quick, easy activity that takes just a few supplies, I'd be surprised if you didn't already have them all on hand.

Printable Valentines (found in the resource library under "Holidays")
Card stock paper
Toilet Paper Tube
Washable Craft Paint

1. Print off the valentines that you downloaded from the resource library (get access to the library, here) onto card stock paper. The valentines come in three different colors: a pink/red theme, multicolored, and black and white. You can print out all three colors or just print out the number of valentines you need in just one of the color themes.  Do not cut them out yet.

2. Form the toilet paper tube into a heart shape and use the tape to keep it in place. If you're having a hard time getting the heart-shape right, check out this tutorial for help. I recommend taping the shape in place since your toddler won't exactly be gentle with it. 😏

3. Use the toilet paper tube heart as a stamp and dip it into paint and then onto the valentines. If you want to better protect the cute little text on each of the valentines, you can put some painters' tape over them since your toddler will probably just paint over the entire thing. 

4. Allow the valentines to completely dry and then cut out each valentine. Use a sharpie to add your child's name to it if you'd like.

Be sure to share a photo of your craft time and valentines using #joyfulhomemakersclub so I can see how yours turned out! Don't fret if your toddler isn't into stamping with the heart, William got tired of it pretty quickly and just wanted to paint them the way he wanted to. Just have fun with it!