Easy DIY Daily Routine/Schedule + Chore Chart (with FREE printables!)

Last summer I made a simple visual schedule chart, similar to what your child may see in preschool or elementary school. That routine worked really well for us but I just wanted something a little different, with a little more style. So, I played around with a few things to create a new daily routine with pictures and space to use as a chore chart for the kids. Visual daily schedules and chore charts are great for kids of all ages; toddlers, preschoolers, elementary schoolers, children with autism...even grown-ups!

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I put together our routine chart using the printable daily routine and chore cards (available to you for FREE), some galvanized metal pieces that I found at Micheal’s, and lots of little magnets. I used some major coupons at Micheal’s and split up the buying between a few trips to make it an affordable project. I am just beyond pleased with how it turned out...isn’t it just bright and happy?! 😄

You can super easily make your own magnetic routine and chore chart, the instructions are below!

DIY daily routine/schedule and chore chart! Super cute and easy to make!

DIY Magnetic Daily Routine + Chore Chart


Printable daily routine and chore chart cards (FREE)
Large magnetic board (the one I got at Micheal’s, *similar one from Amazon)
Optional: 1-2 smaller magnetic boards (the ones I got at Micheal’s, *similar one from Amazon)
Optional: 1-2 magnetic containers (*something similar from Amazon)
*Small magnets


Print off the free daily routine and chore cards. I had my cards printed at the local UPS store so I could have it printed on nice, thick cardstock. It is optional but I do recommend laminating them so that they are nice and sturdy and it will also allow you to write on the blank cards provided in the pack for random chores and activities. I plan on purchasing *this home laminator but for now, my husband laminated them for me using the church’s laminator and we brought our own *laminating pouches. Even if you aren’t on staff at your church, I bet you could ask if you could use their laminating machine as long as you bring your own *laminating pouches. You can also have your pages laminated at the UPS store but that does get pricey.

Once your pages are printed and laminated, go ahead and cut them all out. I used *a paper cutter to make it go quickly and to make sure the cuts were straight.

On the back of each of your cards (when I say “cards” I am also including the titles and days of the week cut-outs), place one of the magnets, the adhesive side against the paper.

Hang your board(s) on the wall, you can use a hammer and nails or *Command Strips (which is what I used). Put the appropriate cards onto your board(s) and place the remaining cards in magnetic holders at the bottom of the board.

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