Day In the Life of a SAHM of 3 | Including Preschool Drop Off/Pick Up

a real look at a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom of 3, including preschool drop off/pick up

Does anyone else get stuck going down Youtube rabbit trails and end up watching way too many “day in the life” videos? I’m just going to assume that you raised your hand...because otherwise, that’s kind of awkward….

I love talking about daily routines so it’s only natural that I also happen to love filming our day so I can give you an example of a real day in the life.

Watch the video below to see our day in action. For more exact(ish) times, here is a look at the timetable from our day

6:00 am - I woke up/got dressed and ready for the day
7:00 am - Kids woke up/we had breakfast
7:45 am - Got the kids dressed for the day
8:00 am - Got coats/shoes on/packed the diaper bag
8:20 am - Left for preschool drop off (with a detour through the Starbucks Drive Thru)
8:55 am - Preschool drop off
9:00 am - Headed home for snacks/chores
10:30 am - Left for preschool pick up
11:00 am - Preschool pick up/head home for lunch
11:45 am - Lunch
12:30 pm - Little ones down for naps/I do chores and work/William has quiet time
2:15 pm - Boys play outside/I finish chores
2:30 pm - Play date
5:00 pm - Make dinner
5:30 pm - Boys eat dinner
6:30 pm - Seth and I eat dinner/followed by family time
8:00 pm - Bedtime for the kids/Seth and I hang out
10:00 pm - We go to bed

So that’s a pretty typical day in our life during the school year, here is what our days often look like over the summer.

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