How to Use Trello to Plan Your Family Vacation

You are ready for some family time away from normal life but before you get to vacation, you have to plan your vacation. Now, there’s no need to stress about vacation details, create a family vacation planner using my free Trello template! Scroll down to continue reading about how to plan your family vacation using Trello.

How to plan a family vacation in Trello!

Raise your hand if you have gotten extra stressed pre-vacation because of all the planning that it takes to go on vacation. 🙋🏼‍♀️Me too!! You have to make a packing list for everyone in the family but really you have to take pretty much everything when the kids are along and you end up rushing around trying to get things done at the last minute.

I was tired of being extra stressed before vacation so I figured out a vacation planning system to save me time and it ensures that we are not going to forget anything. I wanted something my husband could collaborate with me on so I turned to Trello, my favorite project/task management program for homemaking.

Trello allows you to add the other adult family members to the board so they can see the plans and packing lists and add to them, as well, Trello can go onto pretty much every device so you will always have your vacation details with you, and it’s easy to save and re-use the plans from your annual vacations.

How to Use Trello to Plan Your Family Vacation

To start planning your vacation with Trello, first, create a board. I called mine “Vacation Planning Board” but you can name it after your vacation destination or whatever you would like. Then create four lists; Details, Vacation Prep, Places to Eat, and Things to Do.

Details List

On this list, I have two cards, one for the trip dates and another for the location and hotel/rental details (address, owner contact number, etc).

Vacation Prep

This is the biggest list, I have cards with checklists in them and use the cards for packing and for pre-vacation tasks. The cards on the Vacation Prep list are Before We Leave, General Packing List, Food Plan, and then a card for each member of the family, with their own packing lists.

Places to Eat

Do some research ahead of time and create a card for each place you want to remember to eat at. I use the restaurant’s name as the card title and inside the card I keep the restaurant address and a link to the menu.

Things To Do

Have a schedule of events for vacation? Keep that here! Keeping things chill and going with the flow? Create a card for each different thing you could do while on vacation. Like with the restaurant cards, put a link to the info about the activity and the activity/place location.

You can grab a template of my Vacation Planning Board in my free resources library! No need to create a board from scratch, go ahead and steal mine!

Share your vacation plans on Instagram with #iamajoyfulhomemaker and let me know how Trello works for your vacation planning!

P.S. Don’t know what to put on the packing lists? Grab a free vacation packing list in the resource library when you grab the Trello template!