What's In My Diaper Bag for Three Kids

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Oh, diaper bags. Necessary but kind of annoying at times. They can be bulky, uncomfortable to carry, unorganized, unprepared, or even over prepared. With our first kiddo we had a messenger bag style diaper bag and it was so annoying to carry. With our second kid we didn’t really use a traditional diaper bag, I got a cheap backpack at Target but that didn’t last long because a yogurt pouch exploded in it. After the yogurt incident we opted to just use random tote bags we had laying around. It worked but it wasn’t stylish and it wasn’t prepared. I was determined that we would have an awesome diaper bag for baby number 3. 

I needed something affordable so I took to Amazon and found a great diaper bag. Unfortunately, our exact bag is no longer available but [affiliate link] this diaper bag has the exact same features for a similar price. I decided on a backpack-style bag this time so that it would keep my arms and hands free to wrangle my older two kids. 

More important than the bag itself, is what is inside the diaper bag. That’s the stuff you really need. Currently, all three of my kids are in diapers or pull-ups so I have to keep it stocked for all three of them. We rarely need diapers/pull-ups while we’re out for the older two but it’s better to be safe than sorry and sometimes we need them if we’re gone for most of the day. For the baby I try to keep it stocked with everything she may need while we’re out so I’m not scrambling or stressing out just because I forgot something. But there’s also a balance to it, you don’t want to have too much stuff in your diaper bag. Below, you can see everything I keep in our diaper bag.

What’s In My Diaper Bag for 3 Kids

+ diapers and pull-ups for all three kids: for the baby I keep a minimum of three in the diaper bag, but usually have more and for the older two I like to have one or two. 
+ 1 pack of wipes
+ 1 swaddle blanket
+ 1 nursing cover: [affiliate link] This is the nursing cover I got on Amazon (just in a different color) and I LOVE it!
+ 2+ burp cloths: the amount of burp cloths you pack just depends on how spitty your baby is.
+ 2 baby onesies & 1 pair of pants
+ 1 snack for each of the older kids
+ 1 snack for me
+ 1 extra pacifier for baby: [affiliate link] these are our favorite pacifiers.
+ 1 water bottle for the older two to share
+ Spray hand sanitizer: I like to keep a spray on hand because you can easily spray it on dirty tables when out to eat or spray it onto baby wipes to clean off the kids' hands.
+ essential oil roller bottles: the two that I always have with me are my "Chill" and "Happy" blends. The Chill blend is for the boys when they are worked up and throwing tantrums, we call it William's 'special' oil and it really does help his emotions balance out. The Happy blend is mostly citrus oils and is all for me, it goes well when I need to use the Chill blend on the boys. 😂
+ wallet and keys
+ chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss
+ baby wrap/carrier: a blog post is coming soon with reviews on multiple different brands and styles of carriers, I'll place the link here when it's live!
+ sunscreen: [affiliate link] this sunscreen stick is nice for on-the-go.

It seems like a lot of stuff when it’s all written out but it all fits nicely in our diaper bag and ensures that we are prepared for most situations. What you keep in your bag may change depending on what activity you are going out to do and what season it is, you may need extra clothes for your older kids if they could get extra messy and if it’s wintertime you may need to keep an extra knit blanket in the bag for baby. 

What all do you keep in your diaper bag? Do you have a diaper bag you absolutely love? Share  a photo on Instagram and use #iamajoyfuhomemaker so I can see it (doesn’t hurt to tag me (@abbybarstow) too, then I really won’t miss it!)