50 Date Night Ideas from Fellow Wives

The husband and I started a new thing where we have date night every second Friday of the month. He has a busy work schedule so we found that we would go way too long without having a kid-free night so we put this regular date night onto our calendar. So far the only time we've skipped it has been when he was out of town for work. It's been awesome having some kid-free time, even if all we do is go like two miles from home and grab coffee or dinner quick, that hour and a half of quiet is priceless. 👌🏻

But it's also hard to find affordable date night ideas that are unique and fun, without reusing the same ones over and over. So I took to social media and asked other married ladies to share their favorite date nights! I got so many great ideas but I've narrowed it down to FIFTY fantastic date night ideas!

50 Date Night Ideas from Fellow Wives

1. “My husband and I have a date night now every Saturday. Such a blessing we know! A favorite is returning to our old neighborhood in San Francisco where we lived as newlyweds, walking and window shopping on Chestnut Avenue, and then sitting at the Chef's Counter at an amazing restaurant A 16. Nostalgic and fun.” Julie, mothersquest.com

2. “We do date days! We'll drop LO off at my parents for the day, that way we don't have to rush to meet a 3-4 time period. We'll grab lunch somewhere, catch a movie and then get foot massages from a local place we love!” Renee Key from Atlanta, GA

4. “We also love a solid sushi date (it was our first date 😘) but one of our most fun, was when he surprised me and we hit the batting cages! Nothing like a little fun and sexy competition to kick off the night ; )”  Krysta from South Carolina

6. “It is sometimes hard to get a babysitter and we like staying home, so sometimes we put the kids to bed, we put on some fancy clothes, we put out the silver cutlery, the porcelain plates and the crystal glasses, we light some candles and we eat a delicious meal from the freezer (you probably don't have Picard in your country, but they have fancy meals you just need to reheat, as good as in a nice restaurant). It is our dinner date at home.” Anne-Laure from France

8. “We love to visit old historic buildings that they have turned into other venues. Plus dinner if it’s not the venue.” Tommie, thenewmomstandard.com

10. “Make a fire out back and cozy up.” Kristen from Georgia

3. “My favorite dates are going out to eat without having to shush anyone or track down a high chair, and can just relax!” Dayna from Illinois

 5. “I like to recommend doing something active and fun to really connect with my husband in a way that we don't get to do on a regular basis. Things like bowling, canoeing, batting cages or bike riding put us in a new environment, get the endorphins going and oftentimes make us laugh, especially if we're doing something new or something that one or both of us isn't great at! There are so many options depending on where you live. It just takes a little research, and an open mind!” Katelyn, www.themothernurture.com

7. “Indoor trampoline park! Aquarium and sushi (see that irony?! :) )” Allison from Virginia

9. “A coffee shop where we can sit. In quiet. And drink. In quiet.” Christina, sweetlavenderbakeshoppe.com

11. “We always like to eat but where we go depends on our mood. I like to ask around about those hole in the wall type places that you can't typically look up online. If they're great then we have found a new spot to go! And if it's a dud we have fun laughing about how awkward or terrible it was. Either way we make a memory!” Payton, www.ahopefulhappenstance.com

12. “We are big fans of "date night in". After the kids go to bed, We love to set up our fondue set on the living room floor and watch a movie or catch up on our "shows".” Johnelle from Lititz, PA

13. “We love movies! So going out to one or watching a good one at home would definitely be us along with some great food to eat. We also used to window shop. Just fun to go out and look around. I really love the datebox idea as well. We have done that once. I want to do that more.” Ashley from PA

14. “We love day trips/"date" trips. We don't get the chance to go on dates during the weekdays much because of our work schedules, but we like exploring new places a few hours away or making a day of walking through a nearby park and having a picnic.” Megan,  www.megthephotographer.com

15. “Game night with another couple! Or eating a quick early dinner with the kids, and then just doing a dessert date night (sometimes the wait at a restaurant, then waiting for food, then rushing to get home suck the fun right out of it). Dessert is more laid back and you can actually enjoy conversation.” Shawna from Lititz, PA

16. “We love just putting a fire together out back. Gets us talking and we don't have to worry about a sitter.” Megan from Pennsylvania

17. “Taking a thermos of coffee and going night fishing under the stars. Always turn the radio on and just enjoy the stillness. Catching some catfish is always a plus too!” Cait from Pennsylvania

18. “Hiking and then watching the sunset. Free, beautiful, inspiring, romantic and never the same.” Kimberly from Pennsylvania

19. “We had a night in, built a fort in the living room and watched a movie inside the fort on the laptop. It was fun!!!” Ashlie, www.aclassyoccasion.com

20. “Netflix and ice cream! <3 With 6 kiddos, 7 and under, date nights out are rare - but cuddling up on the couch after the kiddos are fast asleep is something we do often!” Naomi, www.127living.com

21. “We love to go geocaching! If family is able to babysit, the outing is free.” Abby,  WinsteadWandering.com

22. “We love going to someplace like Dave and Buster's! We have some good food, then run around playing games and flirting like teenagers. ☺ I always recommend it as a way to shake things up a little bit, because I think being playful with your spouse is a great way to connect or reconnect. And it's really fun to just let our hair down and feel young again. 😍” Katie, www.alwayskatie.com

23. “Stevie and I love to paint pottery! We have done it on some pretty memorable dates; birthdays, anniversaries, and date nights leading up to the birth of our 1st baby to create special items for our little love! Looking back on the pieces we created together is so special. We love to feed off each other creative juices while painting. It almost becomes competitive!” Ashley from Pennsylvania

24. “We LOVE To do hiking and picnicking out, especially in state parks. We actually were married in the park we met in😍. It's amazing to see the beauty God has put around us and share that moment with each other. Plus...free! We also really love going thrift shop or garage sale jumping together too. It's laughter and fun.” Lauren, www.bellowsintheberkshires.com

25. “We love to get into our pajamas and watch a French film on Amazon! A few of our favorites: Romantics Anonymous, My Afternoons with Margueritte, Delicacy.” Allison, brainybusinessbabe.com

26. “Going to one of the bourbon distilleries nearby or locally owned restaurants or foodie event in our city.” Whitney, fabulousinfayette.com

27. “Our dream date is karaoke! We love to sing!” Alexandria, www.naturallymadewithlove.com

28. “We love going to a local coffee shop, either just the two of us or with another couple. Sometimes we just hang out and talk, other times we take a game to play.” Melissa, busypeacefulmama.com

29. “We do at-home games. I'm a "get out of debt" personal finance blogger so saving money is a biggie for us. Our favorites are boardgames (Monopoly!!!) or Xbox Kinect (bowling and tennis).” Amy, www.marvelousmrs.com

30. “My favorite dates are day trips!! An hour away from home for just a day somehow can seem like a restorative weekend vacation. My favorite is a day trip to New Orleans with so many possibilities including inexpensive excursions like a street car ride down St. Charles; a stroll through the Riverfront or through the French Market & grabbing beignets or even a ferry ride across the Mississippi River. My favorite romantic date is a carriage ride through the Historic French Quarter & dinner at Cafe Amelie, our favorite courtyard restaurant.” Hope, www.urbancajungirl.com

31. “Shooting with Husband at the gun range! We also enjoy golfing, hunting, and fishing together.” Nicole, nicoleandkevin.wordpress.com

32. “My favorite dates are when we go hiking and bring a picnic, and then end the night watching our favorite movie snuggled on the couch together! It's just so relaxing and fun!” Hannah, alifetransformedblog.com

33. “Coffee shop date! We love to take a list of date night questions to ask each other... sometimes we may just get through a few because one sparks a great discussion. 😊” Rebekah, thetexmexmom.com

34. “We love breakfast dates. Our favorite place is First Watch. A close second up is going to watch live music.” TeKenya, www.iamkenyarae.com

35. “We recently went to an Escape Room. So. Much. Fun. So out of our norm (honestly, date nights in general are out of our norm lately!), we got to interact with fellow "escapees", use our brains, and work together. We had a blast.” Summer, www.earlymorningmama.com

36. “We like to do surprise date night using Groupon. So he'll have a Friday night and I won't find out where we're going until we get there. And then I have the next Friday night and I'll surprise him with something I think he'd like to do (last time it was a shooting range!) Sometimes the surprise will be just taking a walk around our old lake by our old apartment and bringing up specific fond memories/praying together). I love it!!” - Andrea, www.businessandbabies.co

37. “My hubs and I love history so we like to go to the big antique stores that have little booths everywhere. You find so much history just browsing. There's no agenda just reminiscing and spending quality time. It can be a great free date too if you don't buy anything!” Jamie, www.yellowbarnmedia.com

39. “We love drive-in movies when we can find them! Second favorite: sitting on the roof at night after the kids are in bed, just talking and looking at the sky.” Jes, mypeacefulpostpartum.com

40. “Date night in. We put the kiddo to bed. We order food, get wine and play games or get a movie.” Maggie, Pennsylvania


38. “We live in Iowa and it's very cold here. I don't like the cold. The hubs knows that. So for me a great date night is staying in. We are such nerds,..we send the kids off Ruth family and then geek out with video games and junk food. Two things we never indulge in otherwise. Our little secret together.” Jame, www.secretsofamomboss.com

41. “We are movie-lovers. Our first date was dinner and a movie and then ice cream, and so it just brings back fun memories when we get all dressed up, and enjoy a film together. There's a theatre in Wichita (about 2.5 hours from us) that is very uppity - the employees and decor looks like it's from the 20's...oh, and you push a button, and an usher comes to your seat, where you can order anything from popcorn, to chicken Alfredo, to cheesecake for dessert! lol it's a "total package" experience that we love to have on really special date nights.” Kylie Jo, www.seasoningsalt.org

42. “We love coffee dates! A local coffee shop near us has board games and couches everywhere and it's super fun!” Michelle, www.lipsticklattesblog.com

43. “We love Netflix dates at home after the baby goes to bed. Even that little time together not even leaving the house means a lot to us. We sometimes make it even more special by making popcorn and some of our favorite treats! But nothing beats curling up in our PJs together!” Taylor, www.laundryandgrace.com

44. “We get someone to watch the kids and spend the night walking around different cities and having dinner in new places. We live in nj or philly and nyc are close. So many great places to explore.” Stefanie, www.mommycaffeinated.com

45. “This might sound kind of cheesy, but my husband and I love going on drives to places we haven't been before nearby, visiting local coffee shops and sampling their coffee. We also love going to bookstores and reading books there.” Ro, Pennyslvania

46. “We love going for ice cream or coffee and just sitting and talking. We have a lot of local places that are great to sit and talk while enjoying either. Usually inexpensive and a great atmosphere.” Emmie, www.themanormanor.blogspot.com

47. “My husband and I make homemade pizza together and then we relax on the couch and watch one of our favorite shows. We use up any leftovers in the fridge from the week.” Jodi, www.phatbumz.co.za

48. “We have 4 little guys so dates right now are necessary and simple. Dinner and coffee or bookstore. We keep them affordable too by hiring a teen family member, or gma's house. We also do a kid swap with friends for free! The key is to stay connected, so we date 2-4 times a month.” Christina, Texas

49. “We like to be together outside; we make a bonfire & roast marshmallows after we put our daughter to bed, or take her for a walk to visit animals on the neighboring farms. Joining in your husbands hobbies can be fun too; we enjoy hunting together when we can get out.” Alissa, theherbalhomeschool.com

50. "When we were dating we rode horse together every other day or so. My husband had horses. We still have horses but don't get to ride very often. Lately the what we do for dates (which I enjoy) is going grocery shopping without children usually on a Friday evening (maybe we've just become a couple "old people" but it's nice to have time just the two of us)." Carissa from South Dakota

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