Life Hacks to Help You Automate Mom Life

For those in the blogging world or business world, the idea of "automating" tasks is pretty common. By automating tasks, bloggers are able to get more done well. Did you know you can automate parts of your mom/homemaking life, too!? You can!

What does "automate your mom life" mean?

Life hacks for moms! How to automate your mom life to simplify and streamline!

Automating your life means that you have systems in place that save you time and energy and gives you more freedom and time to spend with your family. Regular, repeated, mundane tasks are easier to complete when they are automated. You are living more intentionally when you have systems in place so you are likely keeping your priorities in order.

Top Ways to Automate Mom Life

1. Go digital

I used to waste so much time (and money!!) writing things down in notebooks. I am very much a pen and paper gal and school supplies make me giddy but I also have terrible handwriting and OCD so I would rewrite and rewrite lists until I was happy with how my handwriting looked. Then, I switched my life over to Trello and it has forever been changed for the better. I have one whole Trello board just for my to do list and since it is on Trello, it means I can access it on all of my devices so my to do list is always with me. I always know what needs to get done and I can easily add to it. I also love that I can have cards repeat in Trello boards so I can have my daily cleaning tasks repeat on the appropriate days, automatically. I don't need to add them myself AND I won't completely forget about them!

I also just got an iPad and Apple Pencil as part of my job at our church and I now use that instead of a regular paper notebook for my thousands of lists that I enjoy making (seriously, just last night we were watching a movie and I was making a random list of books by category...for fun). #listnerd Going digital on my iPad has helped me keep everything in one place and it’s saved us money because I’m tempted every time I walk past the school/office supplies.

2. Order Your Groceries

If you are not a fan of grocery shopping, you can have your groceries delivered or you can go and do a pickup! By creating a grocery shopping system that includes ordering your groceries, you will save yourself time and probably money, as well, since you won't make any impulse purchases.

3. Subscribe

Are there things like diapers, baby wipes, toilet paper or favorites snacks that you could subscribe to and have automatically delivered to you each month? Amazon has a great Subscribe & Save program and by having it set up to automatically order items that you are subscribed to, you don't have to remember or go and get it yourself.

4. Create daily routines

Create daily routines for each day of the week so that you can sort of go through your day on autopilot. I don't mean that in a sense that you aren't paying attention, I just mean that you know what is happening and when. Eventually, your kids will pick up on it as well! With routines, more gets done, priorities are in order, and your kids pester you less since they don't need to ask "What's next," every five seconds.

5. Autopay

You can set up auto-payments on loans, credit cards, mortgage, and more! Don't ask me how because I have no clue, I do not like budgets so I leave that all up to my husband. haha

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, choose one of these items to start your automating journey. Do one item at a time because trying to implement all new systems at once is overwhelming and then it defeats the purpose of implementing systems. In my course Un-Overwhelmed Mama I give you a whole week to implement one new system at a time, so take things slow even with these smaller systems.

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