Why Aldi is the bomb.com

Ya'll know I love Aldi, I've already shared my favorite things to buy from Aldi with you. And as if you need another excuse to shop at Aldi, today I have two menu plans that I put together with Aldi in mind AND all of the recipes are 100% homemade, so you can follow one of the plans for the 2017 Happily Homemade Challenge!

If you're new here, you may be wondering about this Happily Homemade Challenge thing. The challenge begins April 24th and it's a 5-day challenge to cook 100% from scratch. Starting April 17th, I'll be hopping on Facebook Live with cooking lessons and tips for cooking from scratch. There's three giveaways, the live cooking lessons, encouraging emails, and so much more fun! You can learn more about the challenge and sign up to join the fun (and to learn how to enter the giveaways!) by clicking here.

Before I get distracted again...okay, we all know I'm going to get distracted again. 

Reasons Why Aldi is the Bomb.com

Aldi has lower prices on basically everything

They keep prices low by not offering name brand products, you rent your cart so you have to put it away to get your quarter back which means employees don't need to run around the parking lot collecting them, you bring your own bags and bag your items yourself, and you can read about their other methods for keeping prices low in this Business Insider article.

High product turnover rates which means fresher food

Aldi has done their research and they only carry products that have a high turnover rate which means that the food is always fresh!

The "aldi fresh commitment" is legit

As of 2015, all Aldi-brand products have zero artificial colors, no MSGs, and no partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).

amazing (& delicious) selection of organic produce and products

Not only does Aldi offer a range of organic produce, their line SimplyNature is all organic too! We love the SimplyNature tortilla chips!

tons of gluten-free options

Aldi offers a line called liveGfree that is delicious and gluten free! Many of the products are also soy and dairy free, too! There are these chocolate cookies from this line that I just can't buy anymore...because I eat the whole box in about 5 minutes. 🙊

For even more reasons to shop at Aldi, check out this article from Kitchen Stewardship.

If you've been to Aldi but found it a little overwhelming because it is different from our usual grocery stores, I have two menu plans for you, complete with grocery lists, to make your shopping (and planning) much easier! 

There are two menu plans to choose from: 1) a kid-friendly version with things like pizza and chicken tenders and 2) a quick and easy version with recipes that are fast and easy to make and require very little prep. 

The best part about these menu plans? Every dish is 100% from scratch! I've already told you all about that so I won't go into detail for the second time. The menu plans also include:

✓ snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes
✓ a prep to do list
✓ and a grocery list

ALL FOR FREE. Click here to join my email list and grab your menu plans! These plans are NOT included in my resource library, these are extra special, so you need to click here to get them. 

After you've downloaded your menu plans, be sure to head over and join the 2017 Happily Homemade Challenge!