Staying Active as a Stay-at-Home Mom


Unless you are one of those few magical unicorn people who doesn’t have to worry much about your weight and have no weight/diet related health problems, you are probably looking for ways to stay active, even when you spend most of your time at home. It’s definitely something that I struggle with on a daily basis. 

I’m not big on exercising, I’d much rather be curled up on the couch reading, working on my computer, and/or binge watching something on Netflix, but I know that when I do stay active, I have more energy and just feel better overall. 

Many of the stay-at-home moms I know, struggle with staying active because they stay at home most of the time and most don’t have the budget for a gym membership. But it is so important that as stay-at-home moms we are intentional about staying active. Need some inspiration to get started? Below are four tips to stay active as a stay-at-home mom.

4 Tips to Stay Active

1. Get accountable

I do belong to a gym and it includes childcare so that is a huge incentive for me to go workout, I get up to two hours of kid-free time! Even though I’m exercising, I still enjoy the quiet, kid-free time. Many gyms offer special sign-up bonuses to help you get started on the right foot and those programs will probably include some sort of accountability.

A few months ago I was getting really frustrated because I just couldn’t stick to a healthy eating plan and was not exercising regularly. I found two friends who have similar struggles when it comes to food and staying active and we started an accountability group for the three of us. We started a group message thread on the GroupMe app (we keep it separate from text messages because this is a little less intrusive, the alerts are quieter and since we send lots of messages back and forth and text messages were getting annoying ). After just a few weeks of starting our little group I lost 5lbs! We texted each other pictures of our meals and celebrated each other’s wins and we remind each other to exercise or drink more water, etc. My accountability group has been a huge game changer!

2. Go for walks

Over the summer months my favorite way to stay active is to go for long walks. My three-year-old has always been into taking super long walks with me so he loves it and I push the one-year-old in the stroller since he can’t quite walk as fast as his big  brother. You can use an app like MapMyWalk to track your route, including the time and distance. Not only does going for walks keep me active, it helps my kiddos burn energy as well.

During the colder months or on rainy days, a great option is to go for walks around the mall. Our local mall opens its doors an hour before the stores open for the “mall walkers” to get some serious walking time in. 

Whether you are going for a walk outside or if you are walking in the mall, I recommend pushing a stroller, even if your kid isn’t going to sit in it the entire time. You burn more calories pushing a stroller and it’s kind of nice to have a place to store things. ;)

3. Set goals

Set a goal to be active a certain number of times per week. You can make a little chart or use an app to track when you exercise and create incentives for when you meet goals. Here is an example of how to set goals/incentives.

Exercise 2x/week for 30 minutes for at least two weeks - download a new book for Kindle app
Exercise 3x/week for 30 minutes for at least two weeks - new makeup item
Exercise 3x/week for 1 hour for at least two weeks - new t-shirt

4. Include the kids

Like I mentioned under #2, one of the reasons I love going for walks is because it helps my kids burn energy as well. Get your kids included in your exercise to not only burn off some of their energy but also to help them learn healthy habits. I have friends whose kids love to join them for yoga in the living room and some who do modified versions of workouts at home. They will love doing what mommy is doing!

How do YOU stay active as a stay-at-home mom? Do your kids love joining you as you exercise? share a photo on instagram and tell us how you stay active as a stay-at-home mom, using #iamajoyfulhomemaker.