7 Tips to Stay Sane as a Stay-at-Home Mom and Homemaker

Be the best stay-at-home mom you can be by implementing these 7 tips into your life #momlife #sahm

If your days are anything like mine, you probably spend just about all of your time with your kids. When they are babies you are practically with them 24/7 until they start sleeping for longer stretches. Your days revolve are your little ones and their moods and needs and it is so easy to go crazy. Add on housework and you have got your hand full. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing your mind.

And mamas - there is no need to feel guilty when you feel claustrophobic around your kids. It’s only natural that when you are being climbed on and touched and needed by your kids, almost 24/7 that you get a little claustrophobic and burnt out.

Next time you feel like you’d rather rip your hair out than fold another load of laundry or change another diaper, try one of the seven items below, to help you stay sane as a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.

Tips for Staying Sane as a Stay-at-Home Mom and Homemaker

Practice Self-Care

This is something that everyone, not just mamas, needs to do. You need to take time for yourself and mama, I promise that you are NOT SELFISH FOR TAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF. One of my favorites quotes is, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Yes, often as moms, especially during the newborn stages, we have to run on empty but it’s so important to at least take a few minutes for yourself. A new mom I know on Facebook said that with her 2-week old her self-care was taking a shower while her husband watched their daughter. That counts as self-care! When your kids are older, your self-care time may be longer and will probably look different.

Go on Kid-Free Dates

Ya’ll need some alone time. Having kid-free time is so vital to keeping that fire alive that first sparked when you were dating all those years ago. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! If finding child care so that you can have a kid-free date is a struggle for you guys, here are a few ideas:
- Ask some teenagers and college students in your church. I started babysitting when I was like 11 (I watched kids who were around 5 or 6, not babies) and we have a little list of young adults who babysit for extra money.
- Trade with friends. You take their kids so they can have a date night and then they take your kids so you can have a date night! Who can say no to that!?

Have a Hobby

This could kind of be tied into self-care because practicing your hobby is a form of self-care but it’s a good one so I thought it deserved its own spot on the list. I do not love housework. I would not do well JUST doing housework all day, I need something to break up my days and to use as a form of self-care. You can have one hobby or you can have twenty hobbies, do what works for you! If you’re not sure if you have a hobby or if you need an idea for a hobby, check out the list below.

- Reading
- Photography
- Gardening
- Scrapbooking
- Coloring

- Blogging
- Instagram
- Running
- Yoga
- Baking/Cooking

Spend Time with God

By starting my day off in the Bible, I am steering myself in the right direct for the rest of the day. Give your worries to God and trust Him to help you through your day.

Spend Time with Friends

Send out a 911 / We're gonna have some fun / Hey boy, you know / You better run / Cause it's a girl's night / It's alright without you / I'm gonna stay out / And play out without you / You better hold tight / This girl's night is without you / Let's go / G.N.O. / Let's go / It's a girl's night

Oh my heavens! Does anyone else think of that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana song when you hear, “girl’s night?” Or is it just me?.......

Hannah Montana was onto something though, taking time to connect with fellow mamas and old friends helps you recharge, helps you feel like you aren’t alone in your struggles, and it helps your friends as well!

Get Organized

Trello is my lifesaver. My to do list is on there and so is all the important information I need to keep track of as a mama. I highly recommend Trello, it’s FREE and I have a course to help you use Trello as a digital homemaking binder. [affiliate link] And get your calendar organized using Cozi which is by far the best digital family calendar!

Create Routines

When something pops up that COMPLETELY changes our routine, I pretty much go crazy. With regular routines, you (mostly) know what to expect and when to expect it which not only ensures that you are going things done, it can help your anxiety because there are less unknowns.

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I’ll just be over pretending I don’t still remember the words to G.N.O. by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus……...

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