My Top Picks at Aldi


A few months ago I finally discovered the magic landi that is Aldi and my life has been forever changed. But seriously. I can spend $70 at Aldi and get the same amount of food that I’d get at another grocery store for $100 or more. According to Business Insider, “Aldi keeps prices low by limiting inventory to a lean selection of private-label items, versus traditional supermarkets that tend to carry several different brands of a single product.” Not only that, but their organic line is amazing and actually affordable, unlike the organic lines at most grocery stores. 

Since I am a major Aldi advocate, I thought I would give you a few items to look for and try out on your first trip to Aldi.

My Top Aldi Picks

Peanut Butter

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a great alternative to sugar in recipes and it’s tasty on top of french toast (made with some of that yummy organic bread) but maple syrup is pricey. A delicious container of maple syrup is just $6.49 at Aldi and it’s yummy!


I will only ever buy eggs at Aldi. Forever. I have never paid more than 89¢ for a dozen eggs. ‘Nough said.


Milk are also another thing that I will only buy at Aldi. They sell their gallon milks at the lowest price allowed by law and since my toddler drinks whole milk like a crazy person, it makes it possible to afford all the milk he wants. I also love their almond milks and coconut milk, so delicious and less than about $2. Score!


Aldi has a great selection of quality meats at the lowest prices that I have ever seen! And every week there is at least one meat on sale, you can check out their weekly circular to find each week’s deals. Aldi also has a great selection of meats in their “Never Any” line. Their “Never Any” line means that the meats never have antibiotics, added hormones, or animal-byproducts. They make it possible for families to eat well-rounded meals. 


Um yeah...I had to stop buying this because I would eat it all in one sitting. At your local Aldi you’ll most likely find this by the fancy cheeses. You can eat those delish tortilla chips with the guac. Just try not to eat an entire container in one sitting.

We love peanut butter at our house. For a long time it was the only thing William would eat (not that his pickiness has changed much) so we go through a lot of peanut butter. And it adds up after awhile. We love Aldi’s Peanut Delight Natural Creamy Peanut Butter Spread which costs $1.49 for a 16oz jar. It is yummy and works great for baking! I also really like their organic peanut butter which is more expensive at $3.89 but it’s so good.

Coconut Oil

Aldi has an amazing unrefined, cold pressed virgin coconut oil from their Simply Nature organic line. It’s $3.99 and tastes seriously amazing!

Black Bean Tortilla Chips

All of the tortilla chips from their Simply Nature line are amazing. I just found the Black Bean chips and I love them. Almost every week I make a homemade chocolate hummus (find the recipe on my Recipe Box on Pinterest) which pairs beautifully with the black bean tortilla chips.


Using pecans, walnuts, and almonds in recipes can get seriously pricey but Aldi makes it possible to add walnuts into my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe or to make homemade nut butters. 


Aldi has a wonderful range of bread choices, many of them organic. Basic white bread is only 89¢ and while the organic choices are obviously more expensive, they are seriously tasty. Their organic breads are almost all dairy and soy free which is perfect for me. I just discovered their “Great White” organic bread and it gets five stars in my book.


Are you an avid Aldi shopper? What are your top picks?