2017 Happily Homemade Challenge

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You guys. It’s finally here. You may have heard me mention it or hint at it but it’s finally here. 

The 2017 Happily Homemade Challenge is here.

::::you’re jumping up and down like a crazy person too, right!?::::

I guess you could say that this project has been in the works for years, as I ran the challenge a few years ago but I did not implement it well. This year I’ve got a big plan for it and I am super siked! 

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself now, so let’s back up. 

What is the Happily Homemade Challenge?

The Happily Homemade Challenge is a 5-day challenge to cook 100% from scratch for those five days. You want mashed potatoes? Put away that box and pull out some real potatoes. You want a sandwich? Whip up some homemade bread. You want to order pizza? Put down the phone and make some super quick pizza dough and sauce. 

You get the idea. Instead of buying packaged things at the store, we’re making them at home! 

Um, why? Those boxed mixes are super quick and easy.

It used to be that an essential part of homemaking was spending time making things like breads and sauces from scratch. Somewhere over the past decade or so cooking from scratch seems to have been taken for granted and slightly forgotten. When you cook from scratch your foods will most likely be:
☞ healthier
☞ tastier
☞ cheaper

Packaged foods are full of unnecessary amounts of sodium, sugars, fats, and all kinds of other junk. They can also be pricey, if you’re buying name brand items, and often times it’s just as quick to make something yourself. 

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Are you thinking that you don’t have time to cook from scratch? I’m here to tell you that with a little bit of planning, you totally do! And it’s only for five days, not forever. 

Although I do hope that the challenge inspires you to cook from scratch more often. 

I’ve got two (mobile) little ones, my house is a little bit chaotic so I get it. I’ll help you through the planning so that you are all ready once the challenge begins.

So it’s just a plain ‘ol, boring challenge?


When you sign up for the challenge you’ll get two emails from me. The first will give you all of the challenge details. I’m talking all of the details. The second email will provide you with links to recipes and tutorials for pretty much anything you may need to cook from scratch (from sandwich bread to tortilla chips, from orange juice to ice cream). The best part? When you sign up for the challenge you will be automatically entered to win a small collection of kitchen goodies. :::cue excited jazz hands::: Um yeah, it’s awesome.

The week before the challenge I’ll be hosting 5 days of Facebook Live Chats on my Facebook page teaching you how to cook things from scratch. If you watch and comment on all of the chats you will be entered to win an amazing set of cookie cutters from my Facebook Live sponsor, Cookie Cutter Kingdom! I’ll show you the amazing prizes they’re giving away during the first live chat! Because I totally get that you may not be able to watch all of the videos live, the replays will be available on my page and you have until the end of the challenge to watch them all.

Thennnnnn, once the challenge starts you will receive an email from me each day to remind you, encourage you, and provide you with awesome bonus cooking lessons. 

::::Can I get an “Amen!”?!::::

Each day of the challenge, share a photo of something you made from scratch and use the challenge hashtag, #happilyhomemadechallenge (feel free to tag me @abbybarstow in them too!). If you share a photo on Instagram (using the hashtag) every day of the challenge you will be entered to win an adorable 7-quart crockpot (details below)!. 

Woah, woah, woah. Back up.

Is that three giveaways?!

I guess it is! 

#1 - enter to win a small collection of kitchen goodies by signing up for the challenge emails.
    - one winner will receive measuring spoons, a small cutting board, recipe cards, and tea
towels (valued at $30-$40)

#2 - enter to win fun cookie cutters from Cookie Cutter Kingdom by watching and commenting on all of the Facebook Live Chats.
    - one winner will receive 12 cookie cutters (the heart, mermaid tale, soda bottle, sneaker, 
pineapple, square, chevron zig zag, snowflake, mermaid, otter, bottle cap cutter, lips, 
and chow puppy shaped cookie cutters) (valued at $50)

#3 - enter to win (affiliate link) this adorable teal 7-quart Black + Decker Slow Cooker by sharing a photo on Instagram every day of the challenge

I wish I could enter these giveaways because they are pretty awesome!! #butseriously

The challenge runs from April 24th through the 28th.

The Facebook Live Chats will be happening daily April 17th-21st.

Still not sure about joining the challenge? Check out the frequently asked questions below and if I still haven’t answered your question, comment below and I’ll answer it!

‣ Do I really  have to make everything from scratch? Ideally, yes but if you hate the taste of homemade almond milk then buy some or if you want to make cookies, go ahead and grab a bag of chocolate chips. Really it’s up to you how intense you get with the challenge. If making pasta from scratch sounds like torture, grab a box of pasta but make the sauce from scratch. Make sense? 

What if we go out to eat? I’m not gonna “kick you out” if you cheat on the challenge. I totally get if you already had plans to go out to eat for someone’s birthday or something like that, that’s totally fine! Would I would encourage you to stay away from is ordering take out because you don’t feel like cooking. Just for these 5 days try to refrain from last minute eating out or drive thru trips. One of the best parts of cooking from scratch is that it’s healthier and cheaper! I don’t want you to miss those benefits of the challenge.

What if I’m a terrible cook? That’s okay!! This 5-day challenge is the perfect time to practice your skills. You’ll never become a good cook if you don’t practice!